Can’t Touch This

Nothing says ‘safe and sanitary’ like keeping your clock-ins to yourself

Flashback to 1990, and it seems MC Hammer was peering into our future when he said, “I told you, homeboy, you can’t touch this.” Among the many reopening challenges you now face is how to get your staff clocked in during a time when no one wants to touch anything that everyone else has touched – especially when they first come into the store, before they’ve completed their pre-shift sanitation procedures. Suddenly, clocking in via the POS seems….well, icky. And imagine if team member 1 clocks in before the next 9, and then begins to feel under the weather. That’s a quick trip from “ick” to “eek!” and spending an entire daypart in the weeds.

A better solution might be a web clock that can be accessed via your team’s smartphone where they can keep their cooties to themselves, and the liability out of your restaurant. Fortunately, that’s just one of the many benefits of HotSchedules Time and Attendance and its WebClock feature. 

In addition to removing the additional sanitation burden from your stores, the HotSchedules Time and Attendance module gives your team a time clock alternative to POS systems that is fully integrated into HotSchedules, offers punctuality controls & mobile alerts and gives managers an aggregated view of punch data and change history. And with the increased pressure to track every change and communication to keep your operation running smoothly and safely, exceptions for missing breaks, overtime, hours variance are also noted in the web app and team members are prompted to acknowledge punch edits.

HotSchedules Time and Attendance also helps with compliance management. Managers can access consolidated payroll information from a centralized portal with exports designed for integration with payroll processors. Plus, they can customize rules for punch records and timecards including long/short shifts, scheduled vs actual variations.

If there was ever a time to pull on your Hammer pants and check out HotSchedules’ Time and Attendance with the touch-free WebClock feature, it’s in the days during and after COVID. 

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