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How to Make the Most of the 2019 National Restaurant Association Show

See how menu, purchasing, and inventory excellence drives profitability.


How can you measure the impact you and your team can make from the moment your guests look up your website to the moment they enter your restaurant? What about the moment they leave your restaurant?

The National Restaurant Association Show (now in its 100th year!) is single-handedly the most all-inclusive event built for restaurant operators looking to challenge operational norms, disengaged teams, and traditional guest experiences.

Attendees won’t just hear the latest in food and technology from exhibitors. They will:

  • Learn the secret sauce of attracting and retaining top talent from fast-growth brands like CAVA during the Innovation Hub Sessions.
  • See live demos from celebrity chefs like Rick Bayless that showcase the true art of the restaurant industry at various stages across the show floor.
  • Gain competitive intel on what tools your top contenders are leveraging to maintain market share and keep their brands thriving.

How do you make this year’s centennial anniversary show a success?

1. Coordinate with Your Team

You can’t take everyone in your company to the show, but that shouldn’t keep you from bringing tangible takeaways for your at-home operators. The NRA show is an excellent time to get quality facetime with your preferred vendors. They should be ready to discuss your top interests and concerns — so make them! Review the agenda with your team and map out your company’s journey through the show. This will allow your organization as a whole to benefit from the wealth of knowledge that will be available across these four days.

2. Connect with Your Network

How are restaurant jobs changing to keep up with the consistent evolution of the customer experience? How are restaurateurs enabled organizationally to prepare and adapt in today’s environment? Leverage your time onsite to foster connections with fellow restaurateurs and get a download on what’s working and what’s not — straight from your peers. When you’re providing the right experience for your guests, you know you built the right community of colleagues and partners around you. And let’s face it — you get to sleep at night!

3. Understand Your Company’s Priorities

Is this the year you’ll be investing in FOH or BOH technology? What type of tech will work at the pace your restaurant needs to succeed? Find solutions that provide you with real-time insights so your team can make proactive decisions in the day-to-day operations of your business. Providers like PlateIQ, Instant and Northstar POS give restaurateurs just-in-time notifications so that they — and the whole team — can have better visibility into how each store or team member is performing.

Conferences may sometimes get a bad rap for not adding value for attendees — but you have a broader responsibility to your company and your teams to enable and influence change. It starts here.

Find the HotSchedules team during the National Restaurant Association Show at
booth #5665 in the Tech Pavilion of the North Hall!

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