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Customer satisfaction surveys are a standard tool that restaurants use to gauge their performance. But how many restaurants survey their teams for job satisfaction? It’s an important question, especially in today’s labor market, which is more competitive than ever.

Employee engagement is key to retention and a lot of other benefits including increases in customer service, productivity, sales, and profits. As Gallup indicates, the millennial generation is the least engaged at work. The future of HR tech promises all kinds of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools for keeping people around and yet, employee surveys are still considered one of the best vehicles for engagement measurement.

While Fourth has offered employee engagement features like surveys and broadcast messages for quite a while now, our customers are asking for more ways to fight the battle for employee retention.

Shift Rating Capabilities Give Employees a Voice

That’s why we are proud to introduce surveys through our new Shift Ratings feature. Employees can anonymously rate their shift with one click on the Fourth mobile app. Additionally, they can select from configurable reasons why the shift was awesome, abysmal or somewhere in the middle. Default options include teammates, manager, even personal — because sometimes we just have bad days, y’know? Those employees who participate even get to see the aggregated shift satisfaction results from their peers.

Shift Report Allows Managers to Spot Trends and Potential Problems

Additionally, managers can get the pulse on their staff with a new Shift Rating widget located on the newly designed home page. Managers can view overall team satisfaction scores and monitor trends in the data. With this information, managers can now more easily identify possible factors creating a negative shift experience in order to increase employee engagement and retention, and improve service for your guests. After all, a happy employee makes a happy customer.

Want to learn more about how to increase employee engagement in your restaurant? Contact us today!

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