If HR and Payroll Services Aren’t Your Passion, Read This

Focus on what you do best and let us help you with the administrative headaches of managing HR and Payroll. 

Y​ou have a passion for providing great service, food that your customers crave, and experiences people want to repeat again and again. It’s unlikely that you get excited about some of the less glamorous parts of the business, including the painful HR and payroll services. One of the biggest benefits of the HotSchedules and Fourth merger that happened last year is the new and exciting ways we can help you take some of those HR administrative tasks off your plate entirely.

We have written a lot of blog posts about the unique issues restaurants face when it comes to staffing and payroll. We also got some first-hand experience in payroll complexity while building the HotSchedules Time and Attendance application. What we know for sure is that no industry struggles more with human resources-related issues than restaurants. Here are just a few of the hard truths that make restaurant people management such a risky business.

  • Restaurants were responsible for nine times more FSLA claims than other industries (2017).
  • The same year, the Department of Labor (DOL) responded to 7,000 hospitality wage and hour claims, recovering more than $483 million in back wages.
  • I-9 audits increased by 400% in 2018 heavily impacting the restaurant workforce due to the immigrant population and a high turnover rate.
  • More sexual harassment claims in the U.S. are filed in the restaurant industry than in any other.
  • Nearly 200,000 injury claims are made by restaurant workers per year from daily tasks that result in slips and falls, burns and cuts.

From record-high turnover to FLSA rules that change on the regular, it’s hard for managers to keep up. In fact, late last year, the Department of Labor announced another proposed rule regarding tipped workers. Payroll mistakes regularly lead to fines for some of the most experienced restaurateurs. Because of the unique nature of restaurant payroll and the variability in the laws that govern hourly workers, finding talent to fill this role can be tough and expensive.

As restaurants begin to reopen their doors, now a great time to start thinking about how to cut costs and become more efficient to meet your post-COVID goals and objectives. Let us help you:

  • Access an integrated human resource + workforce management solution
  • Remove menial data entry tasks from your managers
  • Save money, administrative headaches, and limit liability
  • Do all of this with HR and Payroll experts that have deep roots in the restaurant industry

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