Introducing Fourth Quick Guide Videos for Essential Operations

This new series of educational videos will help you and your managers leverage your Fourth solutions to assist in your core operations in these quiet times and when everyone gets back to work

It is an increasingly anxious and uncertain time for the restaurant industry — businesses have been forced to lay off team members, dramatically scale back operations, and rapidly adapt to off-premises concepts that could be new to many operators. Now more than ever it’s important to focus on the essentials of your operation — the basics at the core of your business.

As the situation evolves over the coming months, it will bring new challenges. We are committed to helping you maximize your investment in Fourth not only during these quiet times but also as the world goes back to work.

We are producing a series of educational videos that will help you and your managers leverage your Fourth Now Powered by Fourth solutions to assist in your core operations — staying connected to your team members, forecasting sales and optimizing schedules at a time when keeping costs low matters most. The series includes videos on the following topics:

  • Communication Tools – Configure Fourth preloads and messaging to work for you. Learn how to adjust privacy settings, stay in touch with inactive employees and use preloads in Above Store Console.
  • Forecasting for Delivery/Take-Out Only – As you adapt your revenue centers to focus on delivery and to-go, our experts will show you how to reflect that change in your forecasting.
  • Scheduling Templates – A quick reminder on how to set up new templates and copy them across stores as you adjust to this temporary schedule.
  • Reporting – We provide an overview of what reports will be especially relevant to you in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for more timely and relevant training sessions that will help your managers stay on task, connected and focused on the objectives.

Find the first round of quick instructional videos below:


Scheduling Templates



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