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When you employ hourly workers, it seems like the labor rules can change as often as the weather. And restaurant operators know that both of these factors can dramatically impact the bottom line. Further complicating the matter is the recent political climate and the increasingly regional nature of hourly labor laws. Paid Sick Leave, Predictable Scheduling, meals and breaks and minor laws are applied differently state-by-state. How’s a manager supposed to keep up?

At HotSchedules, we stay on top of the dynamic legislation that impacts our customers. Our goal is to offer operators the freedom and flexibility to manage rules according to their geography and compliance needs. Rules are initially configured to a default setting and administrators can customize them in the Above Store Console (ASC) for each store. Read on to learn about our latest rules-based scheduling features.

Minor Rules & School Calendars – currently available

Minors make up about 30% of the hospitality workforce. In fact, restaurants are a top choice for a teen’s first job. HotSchedules makes it easy to schedule this valuable part of your workforce and maintain compliance. Administrators can now configure minor rules that are unique to the states that you operate in. Additionally, local school calendars can be added to HotSchedules so that store-level managers can schedule around their legal availability and the system can generate accurate labor warnings to prevent violations. Minor laws will be recognized in shift transactions as well – a minor won’t see shifts for pick up or swap if that transaction would violate the labor laws.

Important to know…

  • Minor rules can comprise multiple age ranges, accommodating the various states’ requirements.
  • Schedule according to school days and recognized holidays based on various school districts in the area.
  • This feature is available in the New Scheduler only.

Meal & Break Planning – currently available

Scheduling meals is not new to HotSchedules users, but the feature has been enhanced for added flexibility and better integration to the Scheduler. Administrators can create “uber” rule sets for the organization’s overall meal/break policies and then create store and employee specific rules to accommodate different geographies or union requirements. The latest version of this feature auto deducts hours and dollars from the schedule so that managers get a more accurate cost of schedule and overtime calculations that reflect all paid hours.

Important to Know…

  • Time & Attendance customers operating in California can add a pay impact to reflect the cost of a meal or break penalty. Administrators can configure the compensation and apply it to their rule set.
  • Time & Attendance and WebClock users will also benefit from missed mobile alerts for missed meals and breaks.
  • Meal & break rules can be recurring and nonrecurring.
  • This feature is available in the New Scheduler only.

Ready to Customize Your Labor Rules?

Your ASC administrator has the ability to configure rules as described in the helpful video below. If you do not have access to the ASC or do not have an administrator, contact Customer Care for help.

Be sure to stay informed with HotSchedules Release Notes. They are published on our Help Center every two weeks and are full of great information. Bookmark this page and come back often!

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