May the Fourth Be With You: Year 2

May the Fourth Be With You: Year 2
Restaurants this time last year were largely optimistic, seeing lockdown restrictions lift left and right while hungry customers returned to their favorite eateries. The following months would see two major COVID variants, a historic labor shortage, significant supply chain hiccups, and rapid inflation.

Despite these challenges, restaurants persevere, continuing to serve their communities amid the uncertainty. To commemorate this resilience and to show solidarity with our customers, Fourth celebrated its first #MayTheFourth campaign last year.

Combining a celebration of our customers with our love for all things Star Wars, we want our customers to know – this May the Fourth is with you.

We encourage all Fourth employees and our followers to support their favorite establishments this May the Fourth. Just snap a pic with your meal, show your support with the hashtags #MayTheFourth and #IAmFourth, and be sure to tag us!

May the Fourth be with you!

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