Meet the Villains Part Two: The Rogue Spender

Watch out: he’s wily and he’s mean. Find out how you can defeat the Rogue Spender and hang on to your cash.
There are many foes in the hospitality industry. They take the form of wasted time, effort and cash, and cause havoc and frustration for your employees and guests alike. The better you know them, the better prepared you and your team will be. In our Meet-the-Villain series, we introduce you to the villains who thrive on operational inefficiencies and share our tips for how to fight the good fight.

Meet the Villains

Part One: The Rogue Spender

If you listen closely, you’ll hear a faint jingle and a soft rustle. Who’s there? It’s the Rogue Spender, pockets full of coins, tossing bags of loot over his shoulder. Dollar bills tumble in the wind, disappearing into the sunset.

The Rogue SpenderThe Rogue Spender thrives on ensuring your restaurant misses out on rebates and discounts, and running up your costs on ad-hoc purchases from multiple local suppliers. Where there are savings to be had, the Rogue Spender rolls in to keep you from hanging on to your hard-earned cash.

He’s behind every one-off, ad-hoc purchase, and each missed opportunity for discounts or savings. As if that’s not bad enough, the Rogue Spender is also known to lash out and weaken your brand with purchases from non-compliant vendors.

It can be tough to fight the Rogue Spender. He’s wily and he’s mean. The right inventory management solution can show him who the sheriff is in town. With brand-compliant vendor lists, your managers can make sure orders are placed with a select group of approved suppliers, reducing unnecessary expense, providing opportunities for bulk discounts, and ensuring a consistent guest experience across locations. With an approved supplier delivery schedule, they can even eliminate paying additional delivery fees. The savings add up, and the Rogue Spender backs down.

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Are you ready to defeat the Rogue Spender at your restaurant?