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MURTEC: A Conference Changing the Way Restaurant Operators Look at Technology

See how menu, purchasing, and inventory excellence drives profitability.


Around the 3rd Century B.C., a Greek philosopher created the idea of a simple machine. Its sole purpose was to increase output force by leveraging simple tools, like a lever or pulley. And by measuring the amount of increased force, we were able to identify the mechanical advantage of using a simple machine.

We found, over time, that adding in the right tools into our personal and work lives made movement more intentional and powerful. As we enter the fourth industrial revolution, there’s a heightened focus on leveraging innovative technology in order to increase their operational advantages in the marketplace.

What does that have to do with restaurants? Well, it’s what’s bringing restaurant IT and operations professionals to the Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference, where they’ll gather to learn about the latest technology trends, solutions, and challenges.

And yes, there will be golf.  

With presentations from the industry’s top innovators like John Gigliotti, Director of Chuy’s and Robert Surbeck, Sr. Director of Restaurant Systems of The Cheesecake Factory, MURTEC attendees will uncover ways to streamline their operations and stay ahead of the competition. A few conference highlights will be:

1. Top Women in Technology

Mary Hamill, VP of Sales Solutions at HotSchedules, earned the Innovator award from the Top Women in Technology in 2018. We are honored to have her back with us at this year’s event, and look forward to seeing the 2019 winners in each category:

  1. Rising Star
  2. Innovator
  3. Lifetime Achievement

2. Tech Adoption Discussions

Change management is more crucial than ever. We’re now in an era where we have to merge our physical and digital worlds or risk falling behind. At our 2018 Spark Conference, Anthony Mejia, VP of IT at Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, shared his insights on rolling out and driving adoption of new technology across their corporate teams and general managers. We’ll be hosting a lunch table during the second day of MURTEC to continue the conversation with attendees.

3. The Latest Technology Trends

Hospitality Technology found in their 2018 Technology Study that improving efficiency and employee productivity were back on top as key initiatives for operators. And in recent years, operators have invested more in customer experience. We’re anxious to hear other labor trends fueling 2019 restaurant technology decisions throughout the conference.

We’ll see you knowledge seekers at booth #17 during exhibit hall hours.

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