New HotSchedules Features Enhance Penalty Pay Support for Employee Scheduling and Compliance

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There’s a universal truth that all operations teams know well — it’s really hard to build a perfect restaurant employee schedule. Building one that satisfies the work/life balance of the team, meets labor compliance requirements AND the forecasted needs of the business — well, that’s getting harder every year.

At HotSchedules, we know a bit about restaurant employee scheduling. In fact, we spend every day developing features that enable managers to build great schedules in the most efficient way. But what happens after the schedule is posted? Our recent product development focus on our Time & Attendance solution that’s easily integrated with HotSchedules answers that question. 

Predictability Pay Penalties Now Available

Penalty pay (also known as special or premium pay) is an inevitable part of payroll for today’s hourly workforce. Schedule changes, split shifts, missed meals and breaks — these are also inevitable, but many cities and states require extra pay for your team member. HotSchedules supports many forms of penalty pay in Time & Attendance today. Operators in Fair Work Week cities and states are subject to penalty payments for violating certain provisions. The fines and requirements are different in each location but generally, operators will find themselves paying up to four hours of extra pay for last minute schedule changes.

We’ve recently added the ability to centrally configure penalty pay for predictability and right to rest provisions.  Customers using both our scheduling and time and attendance solutions can now take advantage of an end-to-end compliance solution from scheduling to payroll.  

Additional Penalty Pay Support

HotSchedules offers lots of cool features that help not only build compliant schedules but also process accurate payroll and avoid the risk of wage theft violations.  Here are a few:

  • Visual alerts make managers aware of possible schedule violations for clopenings, minimum hours, overtime, availability, meal, and break eligibility.
  • Minimum wage rates can be configured in HotSchedules down to the county level helping you avoid sub-minimum wage payments
  • WebClock users receive many proactive mobile alerts, including;
    • Late shift arrivals
    • Team member forgot to Clock Out
    • Team member approaching a meal or break time
    • Team member approaching overtime

If you are subject to Fair Work Week or Predictive Scheduling requirements and want to ensure that you have access to all of our scheduling and payroll compliance features, please reach out to Customer Care or your Customer Success Manager.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about the benefits of integrating your scheduling and time and attendance solutions, join us for a webinar on February 21, 2019, hosted by FastCasual. We hope to see you there!


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