New Partial Shift Release Feature Offers Added Flexibility for Both Managers and Employees

Partial Shift Release will be available to all customers by August 17th

HotSchedules was developed with the ultimate goal of giving hourly employees control of their schedules. Helping them achieve that elusive work/life balance with mobile access to shift swaps, releases, and pickups. Great news! We have yet another feature on the way to increase the freedom and flexibility of your team.

Partial Shift Release

Everyone has things come up right? A doctor’s appointment here, a school engagement there. Life happens. But what if you just need an hour off? You really could use the money and don’t want to release the full shift when getting out of there early would do the trick. The partial shift release is available in HotSchedules by August 17 to help out with that exact dilemma.

Here’s how it works!

This feature provides the ability for team members to release a portion of their scheduled shifts. Under “Request Release,” select the Partial Shift option to release part of the shift in hour increments from either the beginning or the end of your shift.

Note to Managers

Of course, the normal shift transaction rules apply – someone has to be available to pick up the scheduled partial shift. Also important to note, if you are in a predictive scheduling or Fair Work Week region, partial shift releases count as voluntary and will not incur any penalty pay.

Partial shift releases will be available to all customers in HotSchedules by August 17. Check out our Help Center for more information.

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