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With all the COVID-related news regarding restaurants, it’s not surprising to discover that many people have questions. Our HR and payroll experts are weighing in on the latest news impacting human resource management in the restaurant industry. Here’s a round-up of the most recent updates and guidance for Fourth PEO customers on new funding and worker classification. We have also included some helpful links for those planning to reopen their dining rooms soon. 

Re-opening Guidelines Published

As multiple states are set to reopen dining rooms at reduced capacity, several organizations are offering guidance on safety procedures to consider. While the perfect playbook for this unprecedented situation doesn’t exist yet, both the NRA and OSHA shared general guidelines for consideration. It is best to check and see if the state that you operate in has published guidelines before you begin to plan your reopening strategy.

Additional Relief Funding Available

Applications are being accepted for the second round of the CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program. The Senate passed a $480+ billion relief package and $310 billion will be earmarked for PPP. This time around, $60 billion has been set aside for small and medium-sized community banks and credit unions in an effort to reach small businesses that need funding the most. PPP Applications should be submitted as soon as possible as it is expected that this round may go fast since so many applications are sitting in the queue. There is no need to re-submit your application if you already did so in the last round.

There has been lots of concern and confusion regarding the rules and the payback period for these loans. The intention of the program is that 75% of the loan is used for payroll. The other 25% can be used to pay mortgage interest, rent, and utility payments over the 8 weeks after receiving the loan. For more information about the program, click here.

Reclassification of Workers 

As you adapted to a skeleton crew during shelter-in-place, you may have shuffled team members to different or multiple job codes or classifications in order to get the job done. If you added food delivery to any of your existing workers, please contact your payroll processor and let them know who they are. A temporary worker’s compensation “re-classification” might be necessary.

If you have employees that are NOT working at the job site AND staying at home AND you are still paying their wages while not working, please contact your payroll processor. A temporary worker’s compensation class code “re-classification” might be necessary depending on the state where they live. This temporary “re-classification” does not apply to employees either laid off or put on furlough.

For the workers that are re-assigned FROM their original job description at the place of business during normal operations TO now work exclusively from home during the Pandemic, please contact your payroll processor and let them know who the employees are. A temporary worker’s comp “re-classification” might be necessary as well. This does not apply to employees either laid off or put on furlough.

Fourth PEO customers

While we are working remotely, our team is available to answer your questions via phone or email. Please reach out to us directly for the necessary payroll reports and documentation required for the PPP program. 

If you would like to learn more about outsourcing payroll and human resource administration, click here. To speak to one of our experts, fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Stay tuned for more updates.

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