Three Ways HotSchedules Time and Attendance Helps Operators Protect Profits

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Integrating your scheduling solution with time and attendance functionality not only streamlines the payroll process but defends against time theft through new geo-fencing capabilities. Furthermore, it helps your business maintain compliance with the full gamut of labor law requirements — not an easy task! Adding HotSchedules Time and Attendance helps protect operators from eroding profits and keeps the team honest when it comes to hours worked and tips collected.  Here are a few of the ways you can maximize your ROI on our integrated solutions.

1. Time Theft Protection

Time theft is one of the many ways that staff can either knowingly or unwittingly steal from the restaurant.  A recent report from the Economic Policy Institute found that time theft violations for minimum wage workers average $15 billion a year. Yes, that’s billion with a “b.”

Enforce punctuality

HotSchedules customers have been able to reduce time theft by configuring enforced punctuality thresholds in HotSchedules. Those extra 15 minutes here and another 10 minutes there can add up to significant savings over the long term.

Managers can set thresholds for clock in and out times in their POS and/or our WebClock, so that staff members can’t clock in early, ride the clock on their out times or clock-in using an incorrect, potentially higher paying job code. It’s just a flip of the switch on the HotSchedules side to begin importing schedules into the POS, or to configure the thresholds within our WebClock, and customers can start enforcing punctuality right then and there.

Limit Clock In/Out by Location

Many operators would like to offer a mobile option for clocking in/out but the risk of off-site clock ins are too great.  HotSchedules WebClock now includes geo-fencing, a feature that establishes a geographic perimeter so that employees can only clock in or out on-site through their smartphones. The feature will default to a radius of 100 meters, although with a quick request to Customer Care, you can change this to fit your needs.   Note that users must have activated location services on their device. This is an optional feature that can be turned on at your request. Just let Customer Care or your CSM know you are interested.

2. Wage Theft Prevention

For multi-state operators, keeping up with variable minimum wage rates is complicated and the fines for employer wage theft can be costly, particularly if you operate in California, Oregon or New York.  

Minimize minimum wage violations

HotSchedules Time & Attendance supports minimum wage configuration based on geography down to the county level. Our Customer Care team can configure your settings to match, helping payroll managers feel confident in their compliance and ability to avoid wage theft violations.


Ensure on-time meals and breaks

Meal and break rules are equally nuanced and complex (again – looking at you, California) and operators must be prepared to manage and track these requirements to avoid penalty payments.  HotSchedules Above Store users can create and assign rule sets for Meals and Breaks to stores within their organization. Once a store has been assigned a rule set, users on the site will see shifts in the Scheduler that are marked as eligible for a meal or break.  

Time and Attendance users get the added convenience of push notifications that alert managers if an employee has not clocked out for a meal or break 15 minutes after they have become eligible. Learn more about how to configure meals and breaks in HotSchedules here.

3. Tipped Employee Compliance

HotSchedules recently rolled out a couple of features that help simplify the process of paying tipped employees.  Read more about this complex issue here.

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