What Can Payroll and HR Compliance Do for Your Business?

How well does your HR manager understand federal and state hiring regulations or the process for filing an FMLA case? Learn from Fourth’s HR and Payroll expert, Gene Cabrera, as he discusses how to avoid HR compliance pitfalls.

It’s Time Your Employees Have On-Demand Pay

A recent Gallup poll found only 22 percent of employees feel engaged in their work, a concerning sign especially within the hospitality and service industries already experiencing high turnover rates. Businesses looking to reverse this trend can offer employees valuable benefits aimed at filling open positions and incentivizing longevity.

Labor Compliance and Minimum Wage Updates: July 2022

2022 is halfway over, and that means time for a new slate of state and local regulations coming into effect. We’re big on helping your business maintain payroll and labor compliance, so we’ve laid out every U.S. jurisdiction upping their minimum wage, tip credits, and tipped cash wage rates starting July 1, 2022.

May the Fourth Be With You: Year 2

Restaurants this time last year were largely optimistic, seeing lockdown restrictions lift left and right while hungry customers returned to their favorite eateries.

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