Single Sign-On

Reducing usernames and passwords and increasing productivity, single sign-on capabilities will let your staff get to work faster, and with fewer frustrations.

Meet the Villains Part Two: The Rogue Spender

Blog Meet the Villains Part Two: The Rogue Spender Watch out: he’s wily and he’s mean. Find out how you can defeat the Rogue Spender and hang on to your cash. There are many foes in the hospitality industry. They take the form of wasted time, effort and...

How to Achieve Accurate Forecasting

How does your restaurant forecast demand? Is your forecast accurate? We share how demand forecasting can improve accuracy and transform the way you manage scheduling and inventory.

Recipe for the Perfect Schedule

There are many ingredients that go into the perfect schedule, and every manager relies on a slightly different recipe. Learn how to whip up the best one.