Employees Entering Too Many Comps and Voids? How to Prevent Waste in Your Restaurants

An understanding of comps and voids is key to loss prevention in the restaurant business. What restaurant manager hasn’t had a night when your server approached you right before checkout with an appetizer comp that he didn’t tell you about? Or that time your till was short $7.99 because of a void you forgot to enter for a dish the cook never made?

Rethinking Pay Norms: How Retailers Can Attract Exceptional Talent

The month of September 2021 saw 4.4 million U.S. workers quit their jobs — an astonishing three percent of the entire workforce. Fueling these resignations are long-standing worker complaints of low pay and stressful working conditions in entry-level positions.

What Hotel Menu Trends Will Define 2022?

Experts predict the global hotel industry in 2022 will return to 80 percent of 2019 demand — as more vacationers return to the fold and business travelers book trips once more, how have your offerings adapted to post-pandemic consumer demands?

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