Why Are Hotel Operating Costs Rising So Quickly?

As vaccine proliferation leads to more travelers returning to the market and the relaxation of international borders, hotels are starting to finally realize the long-awaited full reopening.

I am Fourth

Today we are meeting with some of the team members behind MacromatiX, – Fourth’s global solution for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR).

The Fourth Awakens

For Star Wars fans across the galaxy (at least those who use the Gregorian calendar), May the Fourth was a rallying point to commemorate the beloved franchise. At Fourth, we took it a step further, dedicating the day to showing solidarity with the restaurants and servers vital to our communities.

The Fourth Is With You

A little over a year ago, global industries came to a standstill. It’s since been a challenging time for everyone, and our customers were some of the hardest hit by the economic fallout. We’re proud to have stood by them this entire time, and we want to celebrate this partnership on May the Fourth.

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