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Join the Fourth Customer Success Portal

The Fourth Customer Success Portal is an easily accessible, online platform where any of our customers can join and collaborate.


Knowledge Library

This is a vast collection of articles and resources with step-by-step details of how to get the best out of our solutions! The Knowledge Library is divided into three sections: Workforce Management, Purchase-to-Pay & Inventory, and Fourth Analytics. So if you have any questions about our solutions, this is the best place to find the answer!

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Create a Discussion

Found our article helpful but confused about that final paragraph? Or maybe those abbreviations didn’t quite add up? No problem – you can now Create a discussion! Don’t forget that Fourth is also in the Community and we are here to answer any questions you may have!

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The Community has a growing list of groups that are available for you to join! These groups range from our General Discussion group, where you can chat with your fellow Community members, to groups such as Release Notes for those that need them. You can join any public groups and start engaging with the Fourth Customer Success Portal!

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Feeds and Discussions

Keep up to date with the latest discussions easily! You’ll now have feeds of discussions and posts to scroll through.

Our Community Mission Statement

‘To enable a collaboration with our users to find and share knowledge on a productive, friendly and easily accessible platform.’
Or – put another way – the Community is for you and about you!

What Does the Customer Success Portal Mean for Me?

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Become a Part of the Community

By joining the Community, you become the Community! This means that you’ll be interacting and sharing the Community with other members and anybody is welcome to join! However, remember that other Community members are sharing the space, so be sure not to post any personal information about your company into the public discussions.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Helpfully, the Customer Success Portal is accessible anywhere, like our solutions, as long as you have an internet connection. This means that you’ll have a library of Knowledge and tips in your pocket! This saves time on making phone calls and/or writing emails with questions- you’ll be able to quickly find the answers in the Customer Success Portal.
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We're in There With You

Of course, Fourth will also be engaging in the Customer Success Portal, so if you have questions about our articles or interesting discussions – we’ll be around to guide and support you.

When and Where Do I Sign Up?

Why not sign up to the Customer Success Portal now – It’ll only take a couple of minutes! You just need to complete your details and follow the instructions on screen. You’ll be sent an activation email, and once you’re activated, you’ll be in the Community! Yes, it’s that easy – Join us now!

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Fourth Customer Success Portal team!