Fourth Webinar: The Post-Pandemic Virtual Hotel

Learn How Mobile Applications Create Flexible Operations

To deal with unexpected supply chain disruptions, labour shortages, and lingering restrictions, hoteliers have had to reimagine how they do business. With operators expected to get more done with fewer resources and support, knowing what solution can enhance operations while simultaneously minimising costs can be the difference in an increasingly competitive industry.

Join Fourth Director of Pre-Sales Angela Hart and Fourth Director of Customer Success Adam Dattis for a timely and insightful discussion on how corporate staff and on-the-ground operators alike can virtually complete purchasing and inventory tasks.

This webinar will address common operator questions:

  • What does a decentralised purchasing and inventory system look like, and how is it more effective than what we do now?
  • How do mobile features allow us to operate with modern efficiency without sacrificing effectiveness?
  • How do agile receiving and inventory create downstream effects on ROI and guest satisfaction?
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