Workforce Analytics

Turn Your Data Into Insight. Now You Can Visualise, Interrogate and Interact With Vital Information in Seconds

Understand Your Workforce Like Never Before

End-to-end workforce reporting and employee engagement tracking across all locations, departments, roles and employees.
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Make Sense of Data

Dynamic, timely dashboard reporting on scheduling activity, how operations are flexing labour and whether deployment levels are too high or low when compared with budget and forecast. Drill down by area, location, daypart and hour.

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Precision Forecasting

Better forecast labour costs and improve compliance using time and attendance data. 

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See What's Important

Better understand the needs of your employees – are they finding the right information on their pay, viewing holiday records and shifts and how engaged are people and teams with one another and new starters?  

Built for Hospitality

Our platform has been serving this industry since 1999, so you can be confident that we have the depth of functionality you need. It’s hospitality technology redesigned from the inside out.