Click here for the latest Coronavirus updates from Fourth

Click here for the latest Coronavirus updates from Fourth

A Word to our Customers Regarding COVID-19

Thursday, 4 June 2020

We wanted to update you on the Health Survey app Fourth has developed to support your efforts to reopen safely. We are excited to announce that it will be available for use from the 18th June, and as previously communicated, at no additional cost to our Workforce Management customers. The new feature, securely accessible via the Fourth app, will enable team members to complete a short health survey each day to ensure that it is safe for them to come to work ahead of each shift.

You can find more information on the feature, including a short demo video here.

Our implementation team will begin activating the feature from the 18th June. If you are interested in activating this, please let us know by clicking here.

Thank you,
The Fourth Team


Tuesday, 26 May 2020

With the 4 July signalled as the earliest date that UK hospitality businesses can reopen, we know that the sector is thinking about and planning for readiness. Speaking with many of you over the last few weeks, concerns about reopening have been overwhelming centred around creating a safe and healthy work environment for both employees and guests. With input from a customer work force, we have been working to develop a new feature in the Fourth app to help you do just that. The in-app survey enables your team members to declare they are well and able to work ahead of starting their shift. The survey will be available at no additional cost to Fourth’s Workforce Management customers.

We’ve made great progress towards an initial release, which we will test and finalise over the coming weeks, giving you a solution to aid the reopening process by mid-June. Further releases with enhanced features will follow. Here’s a summary of the initial release:

  • The questions follow NHS guidance for health screening. 
  • On opening the app, employees will be asked three health related questions.
  • Submitted information will be securely and confidentially stored.
  • The submissions feed through to the scheduling solution, showing managers what team members are okat to work, who isn’t, and who hasn’t completed the survey.

Our next step is to test the functionality with a small group of customers. More details are coming soon, so watch for updates via our customer newsletter. If you are not currently receiving these updates and would like to, please send your email address to 

Thank you,
The Fourth Team


Friday, 10 April 2020

This has been a challenging year for everyone working in hospitality. Everywhere you look, there’s news about hospitality operators closing their doors, trying to pivot to a new way of operating their business, or, devastatingly, concluding that they can’t survive through the COVID crisis.Throughout the 20+ years serving this industry, we have been through many economic crises, but nothing compares to what we’re facing today.

Like all organisations that serve the hospitality industry, Fourth is also feeling the impact. Two days ago, we had to take the heart-breaking action of furloughing or laying off roughly a third of our team members. It is our hope that as the industry begins to recover, we can welcome many of those employees back. We just don’t know what the future holds. We also asked many team members and the entire leadership team to take a pay cut to help save team members and to help customers where we can.

To our team members impacted by these measures, we already miss you. You were not affected because you did anything wrong. You have been an important part of our culture and our success and we want to recognise you for your contributions towards this.

As a company, we are wholly committed to doing all we can to move forward through this crisis and into recovery as quickly as possible. We will do it with smaller teams and budgets, but we pledge to stay in touch with our customers, to deliver our service level commitments, to help out in any way we possibly can, to be ready to help customers ramp back into full service when they can, and to continue on as a viable company for years to come.

Hang in there. A brighter dawn is not so far away.

Clinton Anderson, CEO

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

We know that the COVID crisis is massively impacting our hospitality sector and want to reassure you that we are committed to supporting our customers throughout. With Fourth’s revenue originating from the hospitality sector, we sympathise with the challenges our customers face and are also taking actions to respond to the situation.

We are reviewing modelling from other countries to gain a better understanding of the longevity and impact this pandemic could have on the sector and our business. We are making difficult decisions about how we adapt Fourth’s operating model to ensure the safety of our team members, whilst supporting our customers with the same care and compassion we’ve demonstrated for the last twenty years.

In the meanwhile, we continue to publish up to date guidance on how Fourth’s products can be used to follow Government advice and legislation during these unprecedented times, which can be found in our Customer Community. We are posting in the ‘Covid 19‘ and ‘Fourth News‘ groups on the Customer Community to alert of any updates to these resources, or new additions.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
The Fourth Team



Friday, 20 March 2020

We know you’re hurting. We’re working to help where we can.  

We’re working with our finance and legal teams to understand what relief we are able to provide on a case-by-case basis, while still maintaining our service level commitments to our customer base. We know this is urgent and we’ll be sending an update early next week.

Until then, we’re working hard to provide resources, inspiration and ideas to you, including:

  • Our Blog – where we’re sharing creative ideas to help you, your teams and the industry as a whole.
  • Our Social Channels – where we are curating industry and adjacent industry brand news indicating who is hiring right now.
  • A new webinar and content series with helpful, educational material to support you and your managers during this crisis. Emails will be coming about this. 

Stay tuned for more information shortly. 

Thank you,
The Fourth Team


Tuesday, 16 March 2020

We want to extend our support and understanding regarding the impact the Coronavirus is having across the Hospitality industry. We know this is an incredibly difficult time, and we want to reassure you that we are committed to meeting our service level agreements to you. As such, we are introducing measures to continue supporting you, while also protecting our teams.

The bulk of our team members are already in a position to work remotely. For those team members who are not ordinarily enabled to work remotely, we have put emergency measures in place, including issuing laptops to all team members so they can begin working remotely as needed. We were particularly certain to set the Payroll team up for remote working success, and we are confident in our ability to process all payrolls as usual.

On a broader level, Fourth has always had a full business continuity plan in place which undergoes annual SOC1 and 2 accreditation and regular operational tests. If you would like a copy of the SOC reports, we are happy to share those with you.

Again, we know this is a challenging time for everyone, and for hospitality in particular. Know that we are here to help if we can.

Stay healthy and safe,
The Fourth Team