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What is the challenge for UX Design?

During the last year, we have had so much new code to deliver to meet our business goals that the UX team have been very stretched just to keep up with the development teams. We would now like to mature the UX function further and enable them to provide high quality UX research and insights to feed into our product roadmap and future development work – ultimately enabling us to produce better quality products that delight our customers and end users.

To do this, and to streamline our processes, we need to create a Design System and an associated UI component library that informs our work going forward and consolidates everything we already have.
We have to make everything sit comfortably together, allow users to transfer seamlessly from one piece of functionality to another and create a universal design language that makes Fourth technology accessible to a diverse user group.

Who are our users?

The hospitality business has passionate people and disinterested people, working in both complex and simple roles. People who care about the big picture, and others who just want their own hours and pay sorted as simply as possible.

The common strand is that our users are often under pressure; monetary, and especially time pressure. Many hospitality industry workers do not speak English as their first language, and they care about doing a good job more than you might expect considering their pay and conditions. However, the tasks they use our software for are never their favourite part of the job.

It is these people we have to know and design for. We have to understand their preferences and expectations as well as the context in which they will perform the tasks expected of them.

How do we work?

UX Design at Fourth reports to the Chief Technical Officer and is situated within the product team. Each of the designers has a workload for which they are responsible, but the team collaborates on everything we do. Briefs are agreed with product owners (sometimes we write them, sometimes they do), and the workload and deadlines are agreed between product management and the Head of UX.

This person we are looking for as part of the UX team (within Product) would be required to collaborate with their UX colleagues in London, but would work day to day with the developers to produce wireframes and high-quality design outputs to guide the developers. They would also have a big focus on Design QA - really the gatekeeper of design quality from development output.

What would you do, and how do we work?

This person needs to be a “do-er” – proactive and a quick worker. They need to be able to get the balance between attention to detail (to ensure the development output meets their designs) with quick turnaround and as such, they need to be pragmatic based on the type of work and urgency of it. They also need to be a “self-starter” – able to manage the geographical distance with the central team including flexibility to travel to London.

Sufficient skills in the software for creating prototypes and designs.

Patience and good communicational skills are essential, they will the daily routine. Self-organization and documentation keeping is a key, since we are responsible for the whole pipeline. From conception, trough visualization to delivery.

A technical background is not essential but would be a plus, since it will help fit in with the developer’s teams and understanding the task at hand.

We want curious, creative, confident and energetic people. We need people who are happy to promote their ideas within the group, and listen to others as we work to build a consensus on the best approach. We don’t expect any particular technical skillset beyond the norm, but want to hear about what you’ve got and what you want to do. We do want people who don’t mind getting their hands dirty and are ready to join in and get the job done.

What You’ll Get From Us

- Be part of a growing Agile community;
- Receive coaching, support and training;
- Team centric atmosphere;
- Competitive salary package;
- Brilliant working conditions - new office and regular events;
- Encouraging healthy lifestyle and work-life balance
- Extra paid vacation days after the probation period
- Supplemental health insurance
- New parents bonus scheme
- Discounts at Capital Fort facilities

Next Steps:

If you fit the role, get in touch - please send your CV and portfolio showing your work.

*Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

All personal data provided by you in your application will be processed by Fourth Bulgaria EOOD, UIC 203576042, solely for our recruitment purposes. If you do not provide your personal data, Fourth Bulgaria EOOD will not be able to review your application. Fourth Bulgaria will transfer your personal data only within its corporate group and to companies which provide recruitment support to Fourth Bulgaria. Fourth Bulgaria will ensure you can exercise your rights to access, correction and erasure of your personal data.

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