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Adaco from Fourth is a global, highly configurable, and mobile-enabled supply chain management platform for hotels, resorts, and leisure businesses such as stadiums and theme parks. Trusted by some of the hospitality industry’s leading brands for over 30 years, Adaco is an inventory, procurement, and recipe management solution scalable and flexible enough to handle the largest and most complex hotel operations. Fully integrated across all supply chain functions including food, beverage, retail items, and non-consumables, this solution will help drive efficiencies across your entire organisation.

Centralised Inventory and Purchasing Control

Take control of your inventory costs and purchasing processes with a complete and mobile supply chain solution that automates the process of counting, purchasing, receiving, and invoicing. Consolidate and control purchasing practices and workflows for budgeting and purchasing standards compliance.  Simplify ordering, counting, and receiving through mobile applications complete with barcode scanning.

Streamline Purchasing

Automate procurement processes save time, money, and frustration. Use mobile apps and templates to streamline ordering, so your inventory is delivered on-time— at the right price.

Order with Confidence

Reduce waste and improve productivity through predictive ordering. The auto replenishment capability means that reorders are calculated based on on-hand quantities, so you’ll reduce the risk of running low on key inventory items and only receive what you need.

Integrate Vendors for Full Visibility

From punchout to EDI to web and email vendors, we make it easy to streamline purchasing in one portal.  Online catalogues transform the purchasing process allowing for product comparisons and price checks in real-time. 

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Recipe Management

Food and Beverage is an increasingly important part of the guest experience. Offer innovative dishes without breaking the bank. Plan pricing, portions, margins, costs, and purchasing strategy, then publish nutrition and allergen information with a single click. Detailed reporting and analytics ensure that you fully understand your menu’s profitability.  

Recipe Card

Cross-Departmental Engagement

Keep teams connected across the property with a mobile engagement app that enables team communications and serves as a centralised access point to mobile applications and shared documents. 

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Go Paperless and Mobile

Save money and reduce errors by automating the 3-way matching of invoices, electronic purchase orders, and goods received notes. 

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Reporting & Analytics

Our hotel inventory management solution is fully integrated with our analytics solution, giving you meaningful data in intuitive, and easy-to-use dashboards and a library of reports. Customise the view, build your own reports, and share information quickly and easily. Get full visibility at the property level and across the whole organisation. 

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Complete Back Office Integration

Integrate POS, reservation systems, menu publishing, and other proprietary systems for a complete business system to reduce costs and improve efficiency. See on-hand inventory at each location at any given time, with smart analytics to give you a complete view of your whole operation. 

Built for Hospitality

The Fourth Platform has been serving this industry since 1999, so you can be confident that we have the depth of functionality you need. It’s hospitality technology redesigned from the inside out.


Managing Partner & CFO, Eataly

“The greatest savings from Fourth is that it allows our people to be consistent in how they’re placing orders, so we’re not wasting time, and we have the data at the same time. It saves us the time it takes to close a month, the time it takes to analyze our P&L and our COGs down to the menu item level. That’s really where it saves us.”

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