Applicant Tracking, HR and Onboarding

Find, hire, onboard and create the HR file of record for all new team members from one, intuitive platform.

Snap Up Talented Candidates, Onboard with Ease and Store Everything Securely in the Cloud


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Complete Visibility

Search, filter, screen and manage candidates with a single, intuitive digital dashboard so everyone knows where they are and what to do next.


Stay On Brand

Immerse applicants in your culture from day one with fully branded content and communications.


Decentralise with Confidence

Safely decentralise recruitment with approval workflows that provide a ‘safety net’ for hiring managers.

Manage the Entire Process from One Place and Immerse Applicants in Your Culture from Day One

To recruit the best employees you need a process that is quick and easy for everyone, but includes all the relevant checks and balances. It also needs to be completely on-brand, to immerse applicants in your company culture from day one.


Easily Identify Talent

Screen applicants using whatever scoring system you choose.

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Enjoy Bespoke Processes

We help you scope out the number of roles and application processes you need and then build them accordingly.


Leverage Quick Vacancy Creation

Pre-templated job descriptions and integration with all major job boards mean vacancies are created quickly and easily.


Stay Compliant

Ensure eligibility and GDPR compliance with secure identity checking. 

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Eliminate Paper

Fully digital process, including electronic signatures, removes paper from the entire process.

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Monitor, Measure, Track

Spot changes in habits before they affect your recruitment volumes, and gain insights by correlating ATS, HR and labour productivity data in Fourth Analytics.

The HR Files of Record for Every Staff Member

From day one paperwork to absence management to payroll details, get the HR database that is the single source of truth for your employees’ data. 



Employee Database

With our HR software solution, you have the latest versions of all HR data in one place, securely stored and accessible in the cloud. By eliminating duplication, errors, unnecessary spend and administration, you can now focus on efficiency and margin. Your employees get easy-to-use, permission-based, mobile self-service to update their personal details. And you make big savings in overhead costs.

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Absence Management

With Fourth, managing absences is simplified. Accruals are automatically calculated, and employees can request holidays on their mobile devices, which managers can easily approve or deny. And pay is automatically adjusted to reflect absences.


Eligibility to Work

We’ve done the hard work for you with smart HR management software that keeps pace with all changes to the criteria. And by automatically flagging when visas or other documents are near to expiry, you can anticipate issues before they cause problems.


Holidays and Absence

Our cloud HR software makes it easy to keep track. Holiday and absence performance data in the employee database helps you make better decisions. Year-to-date reports mean you can plan holiday coverage and eliminate unnecessary spend. Wages are adjusted automatically to reflect holiday allowance adherence and unauthorised absences.


Paul UK

“Life without Fourth’s labour solution would be incredibly laborious and time consuming. It’s really difficult to assemble any meaningful data to base future spend on without it. I would recommend it without hesitation to any multi-site hospitality operation.”

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