Exploring trends and issues within the hospitality sector, and how companies small and large can harness the power of technology to overcome these challenges and thrive.

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POS is the key

Written by: Andrew Levey

Point of Sale (POS) data is one of the most powerful data streams for a hospitality business. But you need to make sure you have the right POS system in place. So what should you look out for to make sure you get the most from your POS data?

Insightful analytics tap into the data goldmine

Written by: Mike Shipley

Hospitality operators sit on a data goldmine, but too much of this data is siloed. With insightful analysis, they can free the data to work for the business. They can see one version of the truth in context to make effective strategic and operational decisions to grow profit. But the massive amount of data and number of sources involved requires good systems and processes.

Avoid NMW risks with biometrics

Written by: Billy Waters, Solution Architect.

The uniqueness of the hospitality sector brings unique challenges to a variety of compliance issues, including the National Minimum Wage. In this post, Billy Waters looks at what constitutes working time, and how you can make sure you get accurate records of exactly when employees started and finished work.

Top ten things for the hospitality sector to think about in the run up to GDPR

Written by: Deborah Margolis - Legal Counsel (Data Protection)

With the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) just around the corner, you should already be assessing your internal practices to make sure they live up to the new standard of data protection. Our legal counsel for data protection, Deborah Margolis, gives ten tips for hospitality businesses to consider.

National Minimum Wage: Be smart when it comes to dress codes

Written by: Raoul Parekh and Richard Harvey, GQ|Littler

Compliance with National Minimum Wage regulations presents a number of challenges for the hospitality sector, one of which is around uniforms. In this blog post, Raoul Parekh and Richard Harvey from employment law firm GQ|Littler look at why this presents such a challenge.

The complexities of purchasing for hotels

Written by: Andrew Levey

A number of areas that make hotels slightly different from other businesses in the hospitality sector - one of which is (generally) the way they purchase food, beverage and other items for the business. So what does make purchasing so different for hotels?

Why minimum wage compliance in the hospitality industry can be a challenge

Written by: Raoul Parekh and Richard Harvey, GQ | Littler

At first glance, paying the National Minimum Wage shouldn't be an issue. But with the complexities of the hospitality sector, it can be more of a challenge than you might think. Raoul Parekh, Senior Associate, and Richard Harvey, Partner, from employment law firm GQ | Littler map out some of the reasons why paying minimum wage can be such a headache for hospitality businesses.

The easy way to benchmark your business

Written by: Mike Shipley

Benchmarking your organisation against the market can show you how your business is really performing. Joining forces with CGA and Prestige Purchasing, you can now get easy access to unique insight into two critical measures: food and drink inflation and sales performance.

Agile leadership - the Fourth dimension

Written by: Andrew Levey

Quite rightly, customers often want to know more about our product development processes. Fourth's Chief Technology Officer, Christian Berthelsen, and the Head of the Agile Portfolio Office, Carly Hodges, share some insight into these processes.

Driving customer satisfaction from every area of your business

Written by: Andrew Levey

The experience that a customer has in any hospitality business is derived from nearly every area of the operation – not just product quality and the interaction between the customer and the server. To deliver great customer service and keep customers coming back for more, you need to examine each area of your business to see where improvements can be made.

New year. New challenges?

Written by: Andrew Levey

As we approach the end of the year, we start to look back at the year just gone and think about what's to come. So what do we think 2018 will bring, and how can you ready yourself for what's to come?

Machine learning can make hospitality business more predictable

Written by: Christian Berthelsen, CTO of Fourth

For an industry that prides itself on providing quick service for its customers, the restaurant sector has traditionally been slow to research, invest in and adopt new technologies. Other industries have taken advantage of new software and technology, and Fourth believes the restaurant industry should as well.

Big data is now a big deal for everyone

Written by: Andrew Levey

'Big Data' was previously only available to huge organisations with big budgets and time for a lengthy project, but the convergence of analytics software, cloud computing and mobile devices, hospitality businesses of all sizes can now get the data they need to improve performance, increase customer satisfaction and boost profits.

To err is human...but getting it right is better

Written by: Angela Hart

Choosing the right suppliers and negotiating good purchasing deals is essential for all hospitality organisations, but equally important is the ongoing relationship, and making sure that any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. So how do you make sure that your getting and paying for exactly what you ordered?

The cost of unengaged employees

Written by: Andrew Levey

With a high turnover of staff being a long-term issue for the hospitality sector, it's easy to see the financial impact in terms of recruitment and training. But how else do unengaged employees affect your business, and what can you do to help move your staff from disengaged to engaged?