Exploring trends and issues within the hospitality sector, and how companies small and large can harness the power of technology to overcome these challenges and thrive.

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How to increase your restaurant’s profitability

Written by: Andrew Levey

With increasing pressures from rising food and labour costs and more competition for customers, running your restaurant profitably can be a real challenge. You therefore need to examine ways that you can increase efficiency, increase sales and reduce costs. But where do you start?

Internet of Things ushers in the connected restaurant

Written by: Christian Berthelsen, Chief Technology Officer, Fourth

Restaurants and hotels are only just beginning to use the power of the Internet of Things to automate tedious operations and make sense of huge amounts of data. From keeping employees engaged to tailoring the customer experience, IoT (Internet of Things) changes everything. Learn more about what it can do and how to best set up the connected restaurant and hotel.

Big Data’s day in the life of a restaurant

Written by: Mike Shipley, Analytics and Insight Solutions Director, Fourth

Big Data brings together large amounts of siloed information in one place to make it more meaningful and useful. But it has a different impact on each hospitality worker. Check out how work life gets easier and more efficient for each restaurant persona after data is harnessed.

How technology can help you hold on to your star performers

Written by: Andrew Levey

Recruiting and retaining staff is essential but difficult - especially in restaurants and the hospitality sector. Our new Employee Retention Guide gives you some hints and tips on how to engage your employees and shows how Fourth's solutions can help improve employee retention.

Fourth at the NRA - Highlights from the Fourth and Bar Louie keynote

Written by: Catherine Marshall

At the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, Fourth's Director of Labour Productivity, Karina Coen, and Bar Louie's Jessica Carolyn delivered a keynote on the Science of Scheduling, and how a new approach to scheduling has driven deployment of team at 85 percent correct hours and saved managers five hours per week.

Plan now for a successful summer

Written by: Andrew Levey

As we head into the summer months and the weather starts to improve, you’ll need to make sure that staff rotas and absences are properly manager to make sure surges in customer numbers can be satisfied, and the guest experience is not compromised.

Waste reduction should be a key activity for operators

Written by: Angela Hart, Solutions Architect, Fourth

Hospitality operators lose multi-billions of dollars through food waste, making it one of the biggest costs in the hospitality industry. Yet many operators don't track food waste in their operations as a way to increase profit. Find out the ways waste happens, how technology can help track and cut it and what to look for in a waste-tracking system.

It's a people business

Written by: Andrew Levey

There's no doubt that the hospitality sector is one of the most complex industries to work in when it comes to HR, with multiple roles, seasonal workers, service charges and tips, and a host of other factors that make getting HR, scheduling and payroll right more difficult than other industries. So how do you select the best technology to not only get these elements right, but really drive the people agenda?

POS is the key

Written by: Andrew Levey

Point of Sale (POS) data is one of the most powerful data streams for a hospitality business. But you need to make sure you have the right POS system in place. So what should you look out for to make sure you get the most from your POS data?

Insightful analytics tap into the data goldmine

Written by: Mike Shipley

Hospitality operators sit on a data goldmine, but too much of this data is siloed. With insightful analysis, they can free the data to work for the business. They can see one version of the truth in context to make effective strategic and operational decisions to grow profit. But the massive amount of data and number of sources involved requires good systems and processes.

Avoid NMW risks with biometrics

Written by: Billy Waters, Solution Architect.

The uniqueness of the hospitality sector brings unique challenges to a variety of compliance issues, including the National Minimum Wage. In this post, Billy Waters looks at what constitutes working time, and how you can make sure you get accurate records of exactly when employees started and finished work.

Top ten things for the hospitality sector to think about in the run up to GDPR

Written by: Deborah Margolis - Legal Counsel (Data Protection)

With the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) just around the corner, you should already be assessing your internal practices to make sure they live up to the new standard of data protection. Our legal counsel for data protection, Deborah Margolis, gives ten tips for hospitality businesses to consider.

National Minimum Wage: Be smart when it comes to dress codes

Written by: Raoul Parekh and Richard Harvey, GQ|Littler

Compliance with National Minimum Wage regulations presents a number of challenges for the hospitality sector, one of which is around uniforms. In this blog post, Raoul Parekh and Richard Harvey from employment law firm GQ|Littler look at why this presents such a challenge.

The complexities of purchasing for hotels

Written by: Andrew Levey

A number of areas that make hotels slightly different from other businesses in the hospitality sector - one of which is (generally) the way they purchase food, beverage and other items for the business. So what does make purchasing so different for hotels?

Why minimum wage compliance in the hospitality industry can be a challenge

Written by: Raoul Parekh and Richard Harvey, GQ | Littler

At first glance, paying the National Minimum Wage shouldn't be an issue. But with the complexities of the hospitality sector, it can be more of a challenge than you might think. Raoul Parekh, Senior Associate, and Richard Harvey, Partner, from employment law firm GQ | Littler map out some of the reasons why paying minimum wage can be such a headache for hospitality businesses.

The easy way to benchmark your business

Written by: Mike Shipley

Benchmarking your organisation against the market can show you how your business is really performing. Joining forces with CGA and Prestige Purchasing, you can now get easy access to unique insight into two critical measures: food and drink inflation and sales performance.

Agile leadership - the Fourth dimension

Written by: Andrew Levey

Quite rightly, customers often want to know more about our product development processes. Fourth's Chief Technology Officer, Christian Berthelsen, and the Head of the Agile Portfolio Office, Carly Hodges, share some insight into these processes.