Exploring trends and issues within the hospitality sector, and how companies small and large can harness the power of technology to overcome these challenges and thrive.

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Menu labelling - Potential legislation and the opportunities it brings.

Written by: Andrew Levey

With Food Standards Scotland (FSS) recently recommending 'significant changes to make food outside the home healthier', the prospect of mandatory food labelling for the UK is looking more likely. But what challenges does this bring, and how can your business not only prepare for any legislation, but also capitalise on the opportunities it brings?

The evolution of scheduling

Written by: Jane Handel

Getting the right people on the right shift at the right time can be easier said than done, and methods have evolved over time in an attempt to get it right. Now, there's a more effective, scientific approach that can help you get ahead.

A letter to our valued customers

Written by: Ben Hood, CEO

We are thrilled to announce that Fourth has merged business operations with HotSchedules, the US’ leading provider of hospitality technology, to create the hospitality industry’s first and only fully integrated intelligent operations software and solutions for workforce and cost-control management.

Creating culture clubs

Written by: Karina Coen

If people are the common denominator in achieving organisational success and retaining them is the difference between relative success or failure, then operators must continually explore elements of the people puzzle that 'they' can control, influence and change.

Don't get caught out by National Minimum Wage updates

Written by: Andrew Levey

With all eyes and ears on what happens with Brexit, we mustn't forget that National Minimum Wage increases come into effect on 1st April. We also shouldn't underestimate the challenges compliance brings for the hospitality sector.

Drowning in data? Integrated analytics can be your lifeboat.

Written by: Andrew Levey

With various software and systems serving today's hospitality industry, we're surrounded by a huge amount of data. But with so much data on hand, getting the right information from the right data can be a huge challenge. So how do you make sure you get the information you need, when you need it?

Capitalising on healthy eating consumer trends

Written by: Andrew Levey

Catering to health-conscious customers is increasingly important to maintain a competitive advantage. How can you tap into the growing number of health-conscious guests, while minimising the impact to your restaurant?

Reducing staff turnover with innovative benefits

Written by: Andrew Levey

With high staff turnover in the industry, hospitality businesses are looking at various ways to engage and retain their staff. Thanks to an exclusive partnership between Fourth and Wagestream, an innovative new benefit can be offered to employees - more control over when they get paid.

The freedom of a tight leash

Written by: Nicola Kelly-Davies

Decentralising recruitment can bring many benefits to hospitality businesses, not least of all speeding up the process. But you also need to ensure managers are completing the right steps and that all areas of compliance are covered. So how do you find the right balance between giving them freedom, and keeping them on a tight leash?

Hospitality Reporting: the importance of hindsight

Written by: Andrew Levey

Looking back can be a painful experience as there are always things you could have changed or could have done differently. But hindsight can also arm you for the future – showing what you should do more of and highlighting things you can do differently.

Mobilise your purchase-to-pay and inventory

Written by: Stewart Maranello

Mobile technology can help you eliminate paper from your purchase-to-pay and inventory processes, which reduces errors and administration. Take a look at how goods receiving and inventory counting can be improved with mobile solutions.

Engaging employees starts earlier than you think

Written by: Nicola Kelly-Davis

It’s clear that engaging your employees with your brand and company values is essential to reducing staff turnover and increasing productivity. But when does engagement start? From their first day on the job? Actually, you need to start much earlier.

Preparing for yet more legislation - tips

Written by: Andrew Levey

This week, Theresa May pledged to legally prevent foodservice employers from deducting money from tips. If you don't already use a tronc system, now might be a good time to think about implementing one.

Increasing restaurant profits through optimised purchasing

Written by: Andrew Levey

With restaurants facing increasing labour spend, food prices and business rates, it’s no surprise that operators are looking at ways they can to reduce their costs. Here we take a look at the purchasing process, and how technology can help automate and gain control.

Are you ready to be transformed?

Written by: Andrew Levey

Smart operators are having revolutionary conversations with their technology suppliers. Instead of buying single clever products, they are asking them to help transform their business.