Bring Some Collaboration to Your Scheduling with Mobile Technology

Critical to all of this working effectively, is having the right technology to manage the process

We all know that company culture and employee engagement are vital in an industry that has a higher than average staff turnover rate. Hospitality operators are rightly looking for new ways to make the lives of all their employees easier, to help retain and attract staff. And with the weekly rota being a common cause of frustration for employees and managers alike, it’s a good place to look at where improvements can be made.

Typically, the manager will create and publish a rota, and then handle issues that may arise such as unavailability or requests to swap shifts. But this generally results in multiple versions of the rota and a lengthy process to get to a final version (if at all), which causes confusion and frustration for everyone.

By allowing employees to suggest times they can’t work, request changes to their shifts or organise their own swaps, staff feel more engaged with the process and feel like they have a little more control. Not only can this drastically reduce the time spent to create rotas, but also helps reduce friction with staff.

Critical to all of this working effectively, however, is having the right technology to manage the process. Staff suggesting times they can’t work or swapping shifts is nothing new, but when these are managed by email requests or notes left for managers things slip through the cracks which causes more frustrations.

Using mobile technology can completely streamline the whole process. Staff can easily submit requests via their mobile device, and managers can quickly review and approve or reject. And once any changes are approved, the rota is automatically updated and available to all employees via the same app.

Managers can also post open shifts that staff can volunteer for. Aside from creating more opportunities for collaboration, this can also help quickly fill shifts that are left empty due to illness or last-minute changes. Managers can see who has volunteered for the shift and when, and then select and quickly allocate to the most appropriate person.

Collaborative scheduling tools like our own My Schedule app will save your managers time, reducing the administrative burden of creating and changing schedules. It also helps reduce frustration, making employees feel more taken care of which helps improve employee engagement and satisfaction.

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