Driving customer satisfaction from every area of your business

Written by: Andrew Levey

Driving customer satisfaction from every area of your business
Often, customer satisfaction is viewed to stem from two things: the quality of the product and the customer’s interaction with the server. In reality though, there’s a whole host of areas that can impact the experience a guest has when eating out, from the menu itself to making sure managers are available and not stuck in the back-office.

So it makes sense to look at the whole of your business to understand what might impact the customer experience, and how you can make sure you’re delivering the best experience for your guests.

Some areas to consider are:

  • Menus – How innovative is your menu? Which dishes are most popular? How profitable are your dishes, and how can this be improved without affecting flavour or appearance?
  • Product availability – How often are dishes missing from your menu? Is a dish truly popular, or is it being ordered because something else isn’t available?
  • Menu information – What information is available to your guests before they arrive? Can they find suitable dishes based on particular dietary requirements or intolerances? Are servers quickly and easily able to answer questions about the menu?
  • Consistency – Do customers get the same experience when they visit different sites? Are dishes the same in terms of quality and quantity?
  • Staffing levels – Do you have the right number of staff working at the right times? And do you have the right people with the right skills to meet demand?
  • Employee engagement – How engaged are your employees? Are they up-to-speed on new menus, or fully aware of the goals and values of the business?
  • Back-office efficiency – How much time do managers spend in the back-office? Do manual tasks take staff away from guests for too long?
  • Analysis – Do managers have the right level of information to make the right decisions? How easily can people access the information they need to take action?

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