Facing Up to Supply Chain Fragility

Interview with Propel & Stonegate Group
Facing Up to Supply Chain Fragility<h6>Interview with Propel & Stonegate Group</h6>

Our partnership with Propel, the leading hospitality trade publication, has seen us hosting business leaders and supply chain experts to discuss how they are handling the ongoing disruption related to inventory, inflation and unpredictability in the supply chain.

In what is the third video in the series, Propel Group Editor Mark Wingett is joined by David Ross, Chief Financial Officer at Stonegate Group, the UK’s largest pub company, to discuss how the business is continuing to invest in a challenging market, the significant role technology is playing to find cost efficiencies, and balancing the needs of the Group’s managed business and its tenanted estate.

Key Takeaways

  • David alludes to the fact that Stonegate’s biggest supply chain challenges have been around its food supply chains, citing “almost daily changes” in this area as being particularly problematic, far more so than in relation to drinks
  • There needs to be a “balance between cost and growth” – far too many businesses focus on merely cutting costs when, in actuality, a balance needs to be identifying ways to help promote positive development
  • On innovation in the supply chain, David divulges how “the fundamental need for people to socialize won’t change, but how you address that need has to change”. It’s vital that businesses are constantly evolving, and Stonegate is fortunate to be able to test and trial new suppliers in one or two sites before rolling them out wider across its estate
  • In terms of technology, Stonegate has invested heavily in smart font- and back-of-house solutions to ensure it has the “agility and flexibility to move quickly”, spotting trends in the market and giving it the ability to react to live data

For more valuable insights from David, you can watch his interview in full here.

Catch up on the full ‘Facing up to Supply Chain Fragility’ webinar series now, featuring Stefan Porter, Purchasing and Supply Chain Director at The Azzurri Group; Spencer Playle, Supply Chain Director at Pizza Express; Graham Kirk, Executive Chef at Gusto Italian; and Jane Bates, Director of Procurement and Sustainability at Parkdean Resorts.

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