Fourth Partners With Wellbee to Help Organisations to Focus on the Wellbeing of Their Teams

In these unprecedented times of change and uncertainty, Fourth have partnered with Wellbee to provide customers with a solution that gives intelligent insights into the wellbeing of their teams. Employees benefit from seamless access to a simple, yet powerful tool that provides tailored support and focus on their mental and physical wellbeing. As a result, this gives organisations access to wellbeing analytics and insights, which can shape future wellbeing strategies and initiatives.

Wellbee offers a safe, secure platform that: 

  • Gives your team the support they need to self-assess, better understand and focus on their wellbeing
  • Demonstrates that you care about your team and are invested in their wellbeing
  • Provides individual and company reports, with tailored recommendations to improve happiness, health and purpose

Wellbee is quick and easy to setup and can be seamlessly integrated with your Fourth solution, and can even be hosted on Fourth Engage and accessed via Single Sign On as a dedicated app.

Customers using Fourth’s Workforce Management solution can benefit from the exclusive discount code FOURTH10 for 10% off of Wellbee for 12 months, with no additional integration costs.

To find out more, please get in touch with your customer success manager or submit a request below.

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