Happier Guests through Happier Employees

It’s common sense that happier employees provide better service. If they’re run ragged every day, they’re unlikely to see work in a positive light – and this will be reflected in their interaction with customers. So how do you improve the happiness of your employees so they’re providing the best service to your guests?

The fact that happier employees will provide better service to guests is common sense. If staff are run ragged every day, they’re less likely to see work in a positive way which will impact their interactions with customers. And the longer it continues, the more likely they are to leave the business – which adds to your recruitment and training costs.

At the most basic level, you can ensure your employees are paid correctly and on time, allow them to see their rota on the mobile device (so they don’t need to keep checking the noticeboard), and their pensions contributions are correct.

In order to improve engagement however, you need to think about how to keep staff informed about what’s happening in the business. This will help employees feel like they’re a part of the business and know what its objectives are and how their work relates to those objectives. Even better, provide employees with the opportunity to give feedback or suggestions that can help improve performance.

Some organisations use tools like WhatsApp, Facebook or similar apps to communicate information to their staff, and allow feedback. The challenge with this approach is the manual administration required to keep member lists up to date (given the high turnover) and the security risks when sharing sensitive information.

You therefore need to look at apps that will integrate fully with your HR system, and are securely hosted within the same infrastructure. You can then freely share information, safe in the knowledge that it’s only going to the right people.

In the same spirit of communication, it’s also good to get collaborative with employees when creating the rota. For example, allow employees to set out the times they’re not available to work (for example if they need to do the school run, or will be at university for a lecture). You can also offer open shifts that people can opt in for, or allow more flexible working with split shifts.

Technology will also help make more mundane tasks easier and quicker to complete. For example, completing inventory counts on mobile devices eliminates the need for printing count sheets and hand writing counts which then need to be transferred to the inventory system. Similarly, goods receiving can be completed much more quickly at the point of delivery, inputting data directly into the system from a mobile app.

This kind of teamwork and collaboration helps build stronger working relationships and makes employees feel valued. An employee that sees the company is taking efforts to make their lives easier, through phone apps and other technology, will be more engaged, committed and effective.

Technology also plays a vital role in onboarding new staff. Giving new starters access to an engagement app means they can access information before they start and start familiarising themselves with processes, menus, ingredients and more. They can also access training materials, and start to socialise with their new colleagues. And for established staff, technology is a valuable tool in assessing performance. For example, employee balanced scorecards will help you identify and reward your top performers – and show you where conversations need to happen.

Technology is a great enabler for retaining talent. And to attract the best talent, it’s important to show your organisation as forward-thinking and innovative – embracing the technology that will help make employee’s lives easier and help them succeed so they can progress in their career. And once they’ve experienced this type of technology, they’re less likely to leave for an organisation with manual processes.

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