Hospitality Workforce Statistics: the people powering the industry

Written by: Dom Daly

hospitality workforce statistics infographicAt Fourth, we’re big fans of the hospitality industry (for obvious reasons). Our work within the industry, combined with our Fourth Analytics solution, has allowed us to generate a hospitality workforce statistics report, which is based on data from 25,000 workers in the hospitality industry across the pub, restaurant, QSR and hotel sectors in December 2016. 


percentage of british workersThe hospitality industry is truly built on foreign workers. In fact, according to our hospitality workforce statistics, only 29% of people working in restaurants in the UK are British, though the percentage for the industry as a whole is 57%. With the current political climate in mind, it’s important to consider the potential impact the UK’s exit from the EU could have on workers within the industry, and whether or not the hospitality industry needs to gear itself up accordingly.

percentage of under 21sWe also found that it’s a very young workforce: 29% of people employed in the industry are under 21-years-old. This could be due to many things: the rising costs of tuition fees, people looking for temporary jobs to fund their travels. Pubs and restaurants seem to be the go-to place for young people, with the average age of people in either of these sectors being under 30-years-old.


percentage of workers paid by the hour86% of workers in the industry are paid by the hour – perhaps an unsurprising figure given the nature of the industry. This model is preferred because most hospitality businesses work on a shift or part-time basis due to seasonal, and sometimes even weekly, fluxes in staff requirements. For this reason, organisations using hospitality payroll solutions need to be sure that their systems and processes can cope with the variety of different workers.

Insights like these are invaluable to businesses looking to grow in the industry. Workforce management is impossible if you don’t understand the data and analytics behind your own business. This information can help empower your workforce scheduling and employee engagement to help scale your business efficiently.

The full hospitality workforce statistics infographic is available to download below. In the meantime, if you would like to understand how your internal data could be used to achieve your business goals, get in touch.


Hospitality Workforce Statistics


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