How Technology Can Help You Hold On to Your Star Performers

Recruiting and retaining staff is essential but difficult – especially in restaurants and the hospitality sector. Our new Employee Retention Guide gives you some hints and tips on how to engage your employees and shows how Fourth’s solutions can help improve employee retention.

It’s no secret that recruiting and retaining good staff is both essential and difficult. In a volatile labour market and with Brexit creating more uncertainty, finding them isn’t going to get easier any time soon. So it’s more important than ever to hold on to your best people.

Of course, paying competitive wages is part of the answer but, interestingly, not the most important part. In fact, keeping people engaged is the key. And for the millennials who are the fastest-growing group of hospitality employees, training and development – not salary – is the number one priority.

So what’s the best way to get your people on board and keep them there? Unsurprisingly, it’s by making them feel they are an important part of the organisation. And to do this, you have to communicate with them in ways they understand. This doesn’t mean installing and maintaining an expensive intranet that nobody uses. It means communicating with them regularly via the mobile devices they carry with them every day and use to organise the rest of their lives.

Some operators use established consumer services such as Facebook or WhatsApp and these apps can certainly help you disseminate new menu information, offers and so on. However, Fourth Engage is a dedicated mobile platform for the hospitality industry that not only keeps people in the loop but integrates with the rest of their working life.

In other words, it helps them work better, get more out of their job and ultimately benefit themselves and the company.

From organising their shifts to checking their pay, from help with everyday tasks to recognition for outstanding effort, Fourth’s solutions makes employees feel part of the team and empowers them to perform more effectively. In other words, it gives them more reasons to stay with you and develop their career. It sounds like a win-win to me.

For more information download our Employee Retention guide.

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