Fourth Partners to Deliver Electronic Menu Publishing Solution to Aid in Reopening Success

At no additional cost to Fourth’s Inventory customers, the tool enables operators to respond to customer demand and quickly, efficiently and cost effectively publish changes to their menu

As the industry prepares to reopen, we know it is extremely difficult to anticipate and accurately plan for customer demand. Add supply chain availability challenges and reduced turnover to accommodate social distancing measures, and that adds a new level of cost and complexity to your reopening plans.

We know that many of you are looking to scale back your menus when you first reopen, to operate as efficiently and profitably as possible. We know you will want to be responsive to consumer demand and expand or reduce your product offering, quickly and efficiently, providing your customers with your latest menus.

With menu information needing to be available on a growing number of online systems and platforms, keeping all of these systems up to date with accurate information can be an administrative challenge and costly.

So, how can you quickly respond to trends and update and publish changes to your menu?

While printing single use menus each time your menu evolves addresses hygiene and safety concerns, it is neither cost effective nor environmentally friendly. That’s why Fourth has partnered with Ten Kites to give you an electronic solution to publish your menus, including nutritional and allergen data. To further ensure the safety of your staff and guests, you will be looking for ways to reduce interaction, whilst delivering the best customer experience possible.

With Ten Kites, you are able to instantly update your menus to your website, order at table solution, digital signage, labeling solution and more. Ten Kites is offering a simple, ready to use add-on to the Fourth platform that reduces the time and cost of publishing your menus, which will be available at no additional cost to Fourth’s Inventory Customers.

With this newly developed functionality, you can now give your customers access to your menu via their own mobile devices. They simply scan a QR code or short URL which lets them immediately access your most recent menu, helping you to adhere to social distancing measures and minimise interaction with the restaurant team to when it’s really needed.

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