Provide Additional Financial Support to
Your Employees Through Challenging Times

Financial pressures are at an all-time high as we move into a second lockdown. We know supporting your employees’ financial and mental wellbeing is really important to you during these challenging times and hope that exploring Fourth X Wagestream will support you in these efforts, enabling you to give your team access to their furlough income on demand.

Wagestream is now available to Fourth payroll customers at no extra cost included as part of our workforce management solution. Wagestream funds all earned wage transfers as they come through, so you do not need to wait until you receive staff furlough payments from HMRC to start offering earned wage access.

SA Brains Case Study: How Fourth x Wagestream enabled SA Brains to support out staff through lockdown

SA Brain & Company, the Welsh pub chain, wanted to support their staff during the first phase of the outbreak through the government furlough scheme. They contacted Wagestream to help them provide extra financial support to their employees through instant access to furloughed wages.

SA Brains launched Fourth X Wagestream to their entire workforce back in May. After initial concerns around the complexity of the furlough scheme and how this would work alongside Fourth X Wagestream, our team worked closely with Brains to do all the heavy lifting and launch promptly and effectively.

Kate Ablett, Head of People at Brains, said: “We can’t wait to get everyone back to work, but while the crisis continues to rumble on we saw this as one way to bolster the financial resilience of staff.


“Our employees are all coping extremely well, and we’re extremely proud of them, but we know some will be facing unexpected expenses. Being able to get their hands on furlough pay ahead of time will give them that extra bit of breathing room should they need it.”

Supporting Brains through CRJS and the ‘Firebreaker’

Due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19, Wales was placed on a ‘Firebreaker’ lockdown as of Saturday 24th October.

Kate Ablett, Head of People, contacted Wagestream to understand how Wagestream could further support their employees, who would be unable to work for two weeks during the period and instead, would rely on CRJS funding.

Wagestream was able to deliver a solution in 24 hours, providing employees with instant access to their accrued JSS funding, doing all necessary calculations. For SA Brains, this is essential as all but one of their pub operates in Wales.

“After the success of working with Wagestream through the first phase of lockdown we knew they’d be able to quickly shift to the CRJS and help us support our employees through the firebreaker. It’s an uncertain time, so we want to make sure that we’re doing all that we can to make them feel cared for.”

How can Fourth x Wagestream benefit my team?

  • 86% of Wagestream users say Wagestream has made them feel less stressed throughout the COVID period
  • 78% of Wagestream users have been able to pay an unexpected bill
  • 46% of Wagestream users have avoided a payday loan

Interested in finding out more? It is simple and quick to launch and only requires 90 minutes of your time to get activated:

  • Join a 30 minute welcome webinar
  • Watch our 10 minute portal training
  • Further reading on the hub – 20 minutes
  • Upload your CJRS calculations – 30 mins

Find out more about how you can support your teams through these challenging times with Fourth x Wagestream.

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