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Single Sign-On. A Singularly Good Idea.

Reducing usernames and passwords and increasing productivity, Single Sign-On lets your staff get to work faster, and with fewer frustrations.

We all know the frustrations caused by a forgotten password – a few failed log in attempts, locked account notifications, checking the inbox and spam folders for the reset-password link, coming up with another secure password you’ve not used before, and then having to log on again across multiple devices. Resetting forgotten passwords is frustrating across all aspects of life. But when this happens in an already busy working environment, it’s more than just annoying. It gets in the way of staff doing their job and wastes valuable time.

Once again technology can come to the rescue. Single Sign-On (or SSO as it’s often known) means employees can access a suite of tools with a single user name and password, saving time, money and needless frustrations.

Without a fully integrated back-office solution, your managers and staff rely on a host of different systems and tools to manage the day-to-day. The more systems they have to juggle, the more individual usernames and passwords they have to remember. Every minute your team spends resetting their login credentials is time they’re not spending on the work they’re trying to get done.

To simplify things, some users will use the same user name and password for every system they use. Obviously this creates a security threat for your business as it only takes one system to be compromised for the others to be at risk. In other situations, teams may share log-in credentials but this not only makes tracking who did what a challenge, but also requires a full reset anytime someone leaves the business.

You need a simple, secure solution that gives your employees quick and easy, role-based access to the tools they need to do their job.

The Fourth Platform – ID & Access Management

With the Fourth Platform, users have a single point of access to all of the systems they need for their role across our Purchase-to-Pay and Inventory, Workforce Management and Analytics solutions. But it doesn’t end there. With the open architecture of the Fourth Platform, non-Fourth applications can also be accessed through the same entry point.

Each user has their own Fourth account so no-one needs to share credentials and you can be sure staff are only accessing the specific features of different systems they need for their role. It also means access can be immediately restricted when someone leaves the business. And with only one user name and password to remember, staff can get their tasks completed quickly, and focus their time on delivering a great guest experience.

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