Using your Fourth Workforce Management Solution to Help you Reopen Your Business Safely, Efficiently and Compliantly

Reopening is on everyone’s mind, and Fourth is focused on supporting your efforts to reopen as safely and efficiently as possible, while ensuring compliance. To help you prepare, we have compiled the below checklist of the key focus areas to reopen sites and bring team members back from Furlough using your Fourth Workforce Management solution. 

The first two points should apply to everybody using Fourth’s core Workforce Management solution (People System) and points 3-5 will depend on the solution you are using to schedule, and whether you are using Fourth Engage.

We‘ve created further guidance and ‘how to articles’ on how you can action this checklist using your Fourth solution, which you can access via the Fourth Customer Community by clicking here

We all look forward to seeing doors open again and our industry remerging. We’ll see you there! 

1. Furlough Status

  • Remove furlough Status.
  • Remove and adjust furlough payments.
  • Review access levels.
  • Check NMW uplifts have been completed.

2. Holidays

  • Review employees’ remaining holiday entitlement.
  • Check all requested holidays are authorised, deleted or declined as appropriate.
  • Review any holidays that may need to be carried over into next holiday year.
  • Speak to Fourth if data loads will be required to carry over holiday.

3. Using Fourth’s People System rotas?

  • Rota Module
  • Check global settings as required
  • Review and update budget and wage targets
  • Add in fixed costs if required

4. Using Fourth’s Labour Productivity solution to schedule?

  • Check if departments need to be set to close/open
  • Review and update budgets
  • Review My Schedule Settings
  • Add in fixed costs if required

5. Using Fourth Engage?

  • Create a ‘coming back to work’ company group to communicate regular updates
  • Set up announcements for any key info & updates
  • Use Announcements as follows:
    • Announcements will send push notifications to go to everyone
    • Use the announcement to drive adoption of groups where updates will be shared

6. Check out Fourth’s Health Survey app, which has been developed to support the industry’s efforts to reopen safely.

This new feature is available at no additional cost to our Workforce Management customers and enables your team to complete a short health survey each day to ensure that it is safe for them to come to work ahead of each shift. You can find more information on the feature, including a short demo video here.

To action this checklist using your Fourth solution, visit the Fourth Customer Community.

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