New & Improved Analytics for Your Business

As your business has no doubt undergone some change in the last 12 months, so has Fourth Analytics

Enhanced Analytics; Make Truly Data-Led Decisions


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All Your Metrics at Your Fingertips

From HR & Payroll, to scheduling & stock management. Fourth Analytics’ purpose-built dashboards give you all the insights you need to make truly data-led decisions.

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Trend Analysis

Track your performance and understand your business’ trajectory with trend led reporting. Define and measure success across your whole business, or by location or category, over whatever timeframe you choose.

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Schedule Reports Straight to Your Inbox

Always stay in the know, without even needing to log in by scheduling regular reporting updates on the data most important to you. Straight to your inbox.

Understand Your Workforce


In-Depth Headcount Analysis

Understand the employment trends across your business, against countless comparators from job role to employment type, and tenure to staff turnover. Identify recruitment focus areas and track absences.

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Understand Forecast Accuracy & Scheduling In One Place

Analyse forecast accuracy and how managers are scheduling against forecast and budget by department and job title.

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Out of the Box Reporting

Advanced reporting for your organisation, without any technical configuration.

Insight Into Your Inventory

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Truly Understand Your Sales

Understand the where, when & what of your sales numbers all in one place. Evaluate your sales mix & contrast theoretical margins against actuals.

Menu Benchmarking – Profitably or Popularity?

Full analysis of your menu allows you to understand which items are profitable, which are popular, and importantly, which ones you need to focus on. Our menu engineering matrix encourages you to constantly revise your menu based on what customers want and will drive profit, as well as managing costs and reducing waste.

Stock Reconciliation Straight out of the Box

Understand wastage & avoid missed sales by viewing your complete stock snapshot all in one place.

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