Make Data Work For You And Your Business

Metrics matter. Understanding which ones you need to care about can have a big effect on your bottom line. It’s up to operational leadership to measure them, monitor them, and make them not only the focus of their annual initiatives – but to make those metrics important for restaurant managers too.

Mitigating Cost Price Inflation Via Supplier Management

Technology alone can’t affect the causes of cost price inflation. Hospitality systems can’t undo labour legislation, failed harvests or political turmoil, and with hotels in urban markets still seeing revenues dip as much as 52 percent compared to 2019, operators need to utilise every possible method to cut costs.

Proof of Eligibility to Work Changes

From 1st July 2021, in order to work in the UK, new EU, EEA and Swiss nationals will have to prove their immigration status rather than their nationality.

I am Fourth

Today we are meeting with some of the team members behind MacromatiX, – Fourth’s global solution for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR).