Fourth Community Guidelines

As the Fourth Customer Community is a public, online platform available for collaboration between Fourth customers (and Fourth internal too), there are a few guidelines we’d like to outline with you. We’re cautious about making the experience more comfortable and safeguarded for all of our users, therefore we’d like you to align your behaviour to our culture expressed in our mission statement and these guidelines. At Fourth, we are proud of our own values, and these are reflected in our practice, including the Community Guidelines.

The Fourth Customer Community mission statement


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To enable a collaboration with our users to find and share knowledge on a productive, friendly and easily accessible platform.

Community guidelines


‘Keep it Simple’ and make sure your Community experience and contributions are as simple as possible. That way everybody can find what they need, simply!

  • Every Fourth customer is welcome on the Community. As there are members of other companies within the Community, be mindful of this in your posts. Remember that within the Community, you are a representative of your organisation. Please bear in mind that what you post can be taken as a reflection of your company.
  • Be mindful of marking your questions as urgent/ASAP, putting personal contact details in your questions or expecting people to contact you directly. Community queries will be discussed in the community by other Community members and Fourth internal.


‘Be Honest’ as we highly value integrity at Fourth, and this includes being mindful and respectful with your contributions.

  • Sharing, posting or eluding to highly sensitive, confidential or proprietary information in the Community is considered malpractice. This is to protect your company as the Community is a publicly accessed area. If you have a technical issue, software specific issue or a concern directly related to an employee, Raise a Technical Case and receive the support you need.
  • All posts are moderated by the Fourth Community team with consideration of their adherence to the Community Guidelines. This means that the Fourth Community team reserve the right to remove any posts, as mentioned in the Terms of use. Any removed posts will be treated as malpractice and follow the Malpractice process.
  • We aim for all contributions to the Community to be productive and friendly, as per our mission statement. And all posts ought to be respectful of other users, the Community and the purpose of the discussion/group. Material which is deemed as defamatory, discriminatory or offensive is considered as malpractice, including political views and racism. Also, try to not post in capitals, as this can be considered as shouting.


‘Deliver Quality’ in your contributions and the culture of getting the best of your Fourth solution.

  • As per our mission statement, one of the aims of the Community is to enable our users to find and share knowledge to get the best of our solutions. Therefore, the culture within the Community is to search for an answer to your query before creating a new discussion. A great place to start is by searching for keywords and looking for any articles/discussions that might match your query.
  • All articles and discussions are assigned to Navigational Topics. When creating a new discussion, be as specific as possible. Your subject line should be clear, the content of your inquiry should be in-depth, and the reason for your post should be clearly evident. Provide resources and context needed to answer your question, including the module/application as well as any relevant information about the device/version. Ensure that you tag the relevant topic(s) too.


‘Enjoy the journey’ and be yourself! As mentioned, every Fourth customer is welcome and valued on the Community. Your contributions are helpful to other users and their needs too – So don’t be afraid to join in the collaboration!

You can contact the Fourth Community team with any additional queries.

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