The Fourth platform is available in four editions for each of our Purchase-to-Pay and Inventory and Workforce Management solutions, depending on the level of control of your business that you want. So while it delivers immediate return on investment, it can scale as you do. Details of our editions for each solution are outlined below. If you’d like to talk through the different options with one of our team, please do get in touch.

Module Feature Recipe Purchasing Enterprise Performance
Coming Soon
Recipe & Menu Engineering
Master Data, Recipe Management & Ingredients  
Menu Cycles  
Mobile Recipe Viewer  
Open API, 3rd Party Apps  
Food & Beverage Purchasing  
CapEx & Goods Not for Resale (OpEx) Purchasing  
Catalogue Management  
Purchase Request & RFQs  
Workflow & Approvals  
Supplier Integration
Supplier Management, EDI Network & Punch-Out  
Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)  
Electronic Invoices  
Accounts Payable
Goods Receiving  
3-Way Auto-Matching  
Electronic Credit & Debit Note Management  
ERP/Back-Office Integration  
Inventory Control  
Wastage Management  
Transfers & Requisitions  
Central Stores & Production Kitchen Control  
Auto-Replenishment & Par Level Ordering  
POS Integration  
Demand Planning
Demand Forecasting  
Supply Chain Planning  
Safety Stock & Forced Drops  
P2P Optimisation
Suggested Ordering  
Production Planning (Guest Service Planner)  
Availability Alerting & Auditing  
Two-Way Collaboration & Communication Tool  
Tasks, Notifications & Group Posting  
Workflow Engine  
Analytics & Reporting
Core Operational Reporting  
Advanced Operational Reporting (inc Mobile Content)  
Analytical Designer Functionality  
Transactional POS Analytics   
Module Feature Foundation Productivity Enterprise Performance
Absence & Holiday Management  
Multiple Employment  
Regulatory Compliance  
Recruitment Connection/API  
Revenue Forecast  
Budget, Last Year, & Actual Revenue  
Staff Scheduling  
Weekly & Daily Wage Cost Tracking  
Self-Service: Personal Info & My Rota  
MySchedule: View Schedule  
MySchedule: Open Shifts  
MySchedule: Unavailability  
MySchedule: Shift Swap  
demand forecasting
Advanced Revenue & Demand Forecast  
Weather Algorithm  
Local & National Events  
POS Integration (transactional data)  
workforce optimisation
Labour Demand Curve & Time Slots  
Graphical Visualisation of Workload & Staff (Rota) Scheduling  
Workload Rules, Ideal Hours & Metrics  
Fixed Tasks, Prep & Non-Revenue Activities  
time & attendance
Clock In & Out  
Integration to Physical Clocks/POS  
Breaks Handling  
Exception Reporting  
Tips & Tronc
Service Charge Distribution  
Fund Allocation & Management  
Distribution: Weekly or Session Based, Points & Hours  
Regulatory Compliance  
Two-Way Collaboration & Communication Tool  
Tasks, Notifications, Group Posting  
Workflow Engine  
employee engagement
Content Management (Video, Training Material, etc.)  
Announcements, Tasks, Notifications, Custom Groups  
Employee Benefits  
Feedback Forms & Employee Surveys  
payroll & expense processing
Employee Expense Processing  
Pension Management  
Complete Payroll System  
Self-Service: Online Payslip  
Analytics & Reporting
Core Operational Reporting  
Advanced Operational Reporting (inc Mobile Content)  
Analytical Designer Functionality  
Advanced Revenue & Labour Analytics  
Transactional POS Analytics **