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By unlocking the operational data your business creates every day, our smart, hospitality specific dashboards provide a single version of the truth and turn information into insight. This helps you make better decisions and maintain competitive advantages. And with a wide range of integrations to other third-party data providers, its open architecture enables data to flow to and from the Fourth solutions to improve performance, reduce errors and provide deeper analysis.

To find out more about Fourth Analytics, take a look at the introductory videos below.


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Fourth Analytics Overview

Save time by holding all your HR, scheduling, payroll, purchasing, stock and POS data in one place, as well as third-party data such as social media sentiment, customer reviews and mystery diner.

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Workforce Management

Fourth Analytics gives you one version of the truth. When it comes to your staff, our workforce management analytics turn your data into real information. Now you can visualise, interrogate and interact with vital information in seconds.

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Purchasing and Inventory

Fourth Analytics’ dashboards show you everything you need to know. Automated reporting enables you to benchmark all vendors on delivery and pricing compliance, to negotiate better prices and streamline your supplier base.

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POS Data

By linking your labour and purchase-to-pay data with POS, no information stays hidden. Fourth Analytics transforms it into valuable intelligence you can act on immediately.

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Customer Sentiment

Fourth Analytics allows you to look at customer feedback in direct context with key business drivers, using unique customer sentiment analytics and natural language processing algorithms to identify positive and negative opinions from social media and review sites.

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Presence Data

Presence data from Wireless Social has been integrated into Fourth Analytics to give unique insight to easily identify opportunities to increase sales, a clearer picture of customer loyalty, behaviour, and a full understanding of the impact of promotions, new signage and marketing campaigns.


Hotel Analytics

The Fourth Analytics team have also built specific dashboards for our hotel customers, providing key information to uncover hidden insights and opportunities.

And Much More…


Fourth Analytics also brings in feeds from a whole raft of other integrated systems, including:

Guest Satisfaction
Health and
Learning Management
Employee Feedback
and Pulse Surveys
Kitchen Management

Management Accountant, Wahaca

“Wahaca sees the main benefit of Fourth Analytics to be the improvement in decision making. We now get all the important data across our Fourth solutions, from labour data and payroll to GP and sales, all in one place, automatically delivered to us for our weekly meetings. All this consolidated information presented via graphical dashboards makes it easy for both head office and the operation to see what can be improved and act fast.”

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