Hire & Retain Great Teams

Engaged staff are happier and more productive. They give better service, create loyal customers and increase sales.

Focus on Growth; Not Administration

Through a suite of services and software, Fourth reduces the administrative burden, risks, and costs that come with managing payroll and benefits in-house so you can spend more time building a successful business.

Lower Costs & Minimise Risk

Focus on Strategic Initiatives

Grow your Business

  • Outsourcing payroll removes the entire compensation burden from your hands while offering access to modern, self-service technology.
  • You can rely on a partner with deep roots in hospitality to handle complex payroll calculations while minimising risk.
  • Our pensions auto-enrolment service provides peace of mind and time savings while ensuring compliance.
  • We navigate the complexity of today’s HR challenges, reducing risk and administrative burden, so you can focus on strategic initiatives such as recruiting and retention of employees.
  • Give employees more control over when they get paid by letting them access a percentage of their earned pay during the pay period.
  • Provide your team with modern and mobile technology. Engage them where they are with direct and broadcast messages.
  • Find, hire, onboard, train, schedule, pay, and retain your team members with a single sign-on and one trusted partner.
  • We meet the unique needs of hospitality and retail providing a scalable and integrated solution allowing operators to focus on growth.
  • When you partner with Fourth, we can ensure that an expert in service-industry payroll and HR will pick up the phone when you call. We become an extension of your team and our success becomes your success.

Customer Success Stories

This end-to-end workforce management solution helps operators optimise labour spend, reduce turnover, maintain compliance, and improve workforce productivity. Learn how by downloading one of our customer success stories.
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CEO, La Tasca Restaurants

“We chose Fourth Payroll because of its proven benefits on minimising payroll costs and saving employee office time. Our transfer to the new payroll system was very smooth thanks to the Fourth project team. Fourth should be commended on this achievement as well as the excellent training provided to our teams.”

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