GDPR 9 Months On

Yesterday’s scare story or never-ending business risk?

In this special edition GDPR webinar, Raoul Parekh, Deborah Margolis and Lisa Rix from GQ|Littler took stock of the new data protection rules for employers nine months on, and evaluated whether all the fuss was really worth it. They recapped what employers should have done already (and what they should still be doing!) to comply with their data protection obligations.

The webinar also provided a forum for sharing market practice, and offering practical guidance to HR professionals and in-house legal teams on the day-to-day data protection issues they are grappling with.


  • Was the GDPR compliance rush a false alarm?
  • What employers should have done by now to become compliant with GDPR.
  • What employers should still be doing on in line with data protection obligations.
  • Practical guidance on how to cope with the trickier aspects of data protection, such as responding to data subject access requests and dealing with data breaches.

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