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Hospitality Industry in Review; What Have We Learned?

As we gear up for industry reopening we should ask ourselves; What really happened in the industry in 2020, and what can we learn

In February 2020, a selection of the industry’s leading figures joined for the launch of CGA’s annual Business Leaders Survey. At the time, workforce planning was listed as one of the major challenges our industry was facing.

The rising cost of labour, driven by the government’s legislative increases to NLW and competition for the best workers, a shortage of skilled back-of-house team members, the churn of labour, and a shrinking pool of talent driven by Brexit – all presented a sizeable challenge for the year ahead. Little did we know, these pain points would be eclipsed in a matter of days by the Covid-19 pandemic, a situation that has fundamentally changed the hospitality landscape and the way we operate.

In this white paper we shed light on exactly what happened to the hospitality sector during this time. We’ve collated detailed datasets highlighting the challenges faced by the industry, and how operators have dealt with the situation at hand. We’ll show you what’s changed, and what aspects we predict will stay long into the industry’s recovery and may even change the way the sector does business in the years to come.

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