Easing the Calculation and Publication of Nutrition and Allergen Information


ustomers are increasingly interested in the nutritional information of the dishes they are eating, and the Government’s new obesity strategy indicates mandatory calorie counts are on the horizon. With an estimated two million allergy suffers in the UK it is critical to be able to provide allergen information to customers; the Food Information Regulations has made it mandatory to provide this when customers dine in your establishment, and the upcoming Natasha’s Law legislation will make it a requirement for pre-packaged food. But we believe legislation shouldn’t be the only trigger for communicating this kind of valuable information to customers.

Whilst mandatory calorie labelling has been proposed at a challenging time, and the introduction of Natasha’s Law is approaching, it is also an opportunity to increase your appeal to existing and ever-growing health conscious customers, to provide certainty and reassure customers who suffer from food allergies, and to help to educate and improve the experience for all your guests.

Would you like to explore an easier way to calculate nutritional and allergen information across your menus, to move beyond compliance with a focus on increasing customer satisfaction, trust and therefore sales? Watch our on-demand webinar to find out how.

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