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Procurement Guide for Hotels

Best practices in managing hotel purchasing

Purchasing plays a vital role in every part of the hospitality industry. But it’s a mistake to think that it works the same way throughout.

In restaurants it’s usual for chefs to have a template or market list, which is  simply sent to the supplier. Or they just ring with an order, often several times a day, with no formal role for a purchasing department. In hotels, on the other hand, not only does purchasing cover a wider variety of products and services, but there is usually a purchasing strategy in place. If they use purchasing software (such as Fourth), there will probably be multiple approval and control processes.

Unlike restaurants, which are fast-moving environments with little in the way of approval procedures, purchasing for hotels involves a range of departments and managers. The purchasing function will source and appoint suppliers based on quality and value. It will also put in place the right systems to manage the  process.

In this guide Angela Tomlinson from Control Purchasing offers a perspective on how to manage purchasing in hotels to deliver results, opportunities and protection.

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