Frequently Asked Questions


What is Fourth’s EPOD (Electronic Proof of Delivery) solution?

EPOD is ‘sign on glass’ (eg like DHL), and eliminates the last piece of paper in the process - the delivery note. EPOD enables instant goods receipting within the system and can facilitate faster supplier payments.

Can I restrict what my sites can order?

Yes, customers have total control over what products are available for each site to order

What type of person works for Fourth?

We employ the most talented people in the sector. Whatever their job function, be it training, writing code or project management, what they all have in common is that they are ‘people people’ – and usually from a hospitality background. See Careers.

I am a third party – how can I work with Fourth?

Fourth partnerships come in a range of shapes and sizes; contact us here to discuss a best fit for you.

Do you link to a specific Time & Attendance (T&A) system?

Fourth has a standard T&A API that allows any third party T&A data to be sent to us.

What is Fourth’s PDF invoicing solution?

Fourth's Purchase-to-Pay solution enables customers to cut 100% of the paper from their procurement processes. PDF invoicing enables transactions with the even the smallest 20% of suppliers to be carried out electronically – a facility previously out of reach to these suppliers. PDF invoicing with EPOD truly facilitates a paper free environment

Is there a way of controlling spend for orders placed?

Yes, a number of configurable authorisations controls allow for this

How do I work for Fourth?

If you want to join us, we’d be delighted to hear from you! You can see all current vacancies on our website.

Can Fourth support multi brands/multi languages?

Yes – many of our customers have numerous brands – and many use the financial insight Fourth solutions provide to export and operate these brands in new countries – and new languages. Fourth is a truly global company and is in the best position to support the back office operational and reporting requirements for the constantly evolving global market

Can I use Fourth’s Workforce solution without the Payroll solution?

Yes, this is possible, however full integration with the Fourth payroll processing module brings extensive additional benefits.

I am a supplier – how can I connect with Fourth customers?

It’s easy to link - Fourth has a dedicated technical team which links new suppliers into the extensive Fourth trading network every day.

What makes Fourth different from other providers?

Fourth is the only fully hospitality-specific integrated solution spanning Workforce Management and Purchase-to-Pay & Inventory. We can consistently demonstrate gross profit improvement of between 2-7% across these four modules.

Can I see my data all in one place/trend my data?

Yes. All the information, historic, forecast and actual, is in one place at the touch of a button. And now, with Fourth Analytics, customers can detect trends, see patterns emerging and really understand the story behind their numbers in 3D graphics.

What data do you feed into Fourth Analytics?

FA turns all the labour data and Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) data from the Fourth solution into insight – and full integration with other data sources, for example, POS, completes the picture.

Are your systems HMRC compliant? What happens when the legislation changes?

Yes, they are fully HMRC compliant and accredited. Our systems are automatically updated to reflect the very latest directives.

How many suppliers link with Fourth?


How many sites do you have to have before a Fourth solution becomes viable?

We can demonstrate savings and efficiencies across single units and those with thousands of sites. Contact us and find out how much you could save.

How do I sign up for the newsletter?

It’s easy, simply follow the link at the bottom of the page 'Sign up here' and you'll be taken to our preference center.

Our restaurants & bars have used the same ordering system for years:  seems to work - why should I change to Fourth?

If your system doesn’t deliver 1-3% in purchasing compliance, reduce waste by 1-3%, provide 100% ordering reliability and manage cost before it is spent, then talk to us – we can help make that happen for you.

Do Head Offices use Fourth’s Workforce solution as well as the individual sites?

Yes. All Fourth customers use the labour solutions for their head offices as well as their sites.

Can I limit how much my staff can order?

Yes, for both quantities and values.

Can I be greener with Fourth?

Definitely! The solutions are designed to be entirely paperless – and the logical way they are structured means that many customers have also reduced their emissions by making deliveries in a timely and logical way. There are 12,000 fewer computer servers in the world due to Fourth!

How do I get Fourth’s Workforce solution app - and what does it do?

It’s free to download from iTunes. It’s a permission-based app which enables staff and managers to view their personal details, holiday balances and next seven days’ rota and payslip.

Can I track my business’s orders?

Yes, full order tracking of purchases, delivery and invoices is on demand.

Where is Fourth based?

Fourth has offices at seven locations around the world, including London, Connecticut, Dubai and Sydney.

What 3rd party partnerships do you have?

We work with all ERP, accounting and EPOS systems. 

Can I handle Auto Enrolment with Fourth’s Workforce Management solution?

Yes. The entire system is fully integrated and automates the entire process.

Can I see all my invoices and related documents in one place?

Yes, and instantly available

When was Fourth founded?

Fourth was founded in 1999 by serial restaurant entrepreneurs Derek and Edwina Lilley. 

Is Fourth modular?

Yes – customers can have as many modules configured to their exact needs as they want – and add more when they want to with very little disruption.

We already have a payroll provider. Can Fourth’s Workforce Management solution integrate with it?

Fourth’s super flexible system makes it easy to integrate with a large number of third party software solutions. However, using the Fourth Payroll solution in conjunction with Fourth scheduling will typically provide greater wage cost efficiencies.

How do I control Pricing for my business?

Rich catalogue functionality enables the best practice of clean orders

Are your systems future-proof?

Fourth invests a quarter of its revenues in the development of its solutions each year. They are designed to manage and eliminate unnecessary spend while maximising profitability. In this way, they enable every customer to see changes and act fast – whatever the future holds.

Can I have as many users as I wish?

Yes – Fourth solutions allow for unlimited users

Service, Support & Training

Is there an easy way to find all available training documentation?

All our training documentation is available on our customer portal. To find out how to access this please speak to your Relationship Manager.

Are there training videos?

Fourth has created a series of YouTube videos to assist with training. These videos are effectively digital ‘How To…’ cards which will walk you through a series of key pieces of functionality and processes. These can be found on the Fourth YouTube Channel

How easy is it to use the Fourth solutions?

Fourth solutions are intuitive and easy to grasp. A comprehensive system of training, support and advice lines are available to help users with any queries or refresher training they may need

What kind of support do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive range of support, from a dedicated service team, a Success team and a Training team. There are more details on each below.

How can Fourth’s Service team help me?

Help to arrange training sessions for your business. Provide advice on best practice use of the system. Provide suggestions on solutions to help your business. Assist with guiding you to information on current legislation requirements for your business.

How can Fourth’s Success team help me?

The Success Team works with Customers through various stages of their life cycle. From pre-sales qualification and demonstration through to consultation with existing Customers, the Success Team are experts in the systems’ applications. Success helps to further configure the solution to support and reinforce the Customer’s internal policies and processes. Engaged via the Relationship Manager, Success works with Customers, agreeing the scope and agreed actions to ensure that the Customer gains maximum benefit and return on investment from their Fourth solution. Often the Training Team is engaged to ensure that the end user has best knowledge of the solution, so they can be confident they are getting the very best from their Fourth solution.

How can Fourth’s Training team help me?

Fourth’s training team is available to deliver training sessions across all Fourth solutions and levels of users. We offer group sessions as well as bespoke sessions. Our Training Manager will be happy to discuss your requirements and suggest the most suitable options. We also offer webinars on a monthly basis which focus on a specific process within the system followed by a Q & A session.

How do I sign up for training?

All our monthly group sessions are displayed on our website where you are able to register your interest for a session. You will then be contacted to confirm your place.


How does your billing model work?

It’s easy: each customer pays a modest implementation fee, and then it’s a simple subscription model – a monthly fee linked to the number of sites where the systems are used.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the number of sites in the operation, but typically it costs considerably less than the money it saves each month in supplier overcharge elimination, wage cost efficiencies and inventory spend.

How much will I save – and how do you prove the Return on Investment?

This is simple. By looking at your business, we can see where savings can be made and give you an approximate indication not only of the money to be saved but also the number of months the system will take to pay for itself.

Product Demonstrations

How can I see a Fourth product demo?

Easily! We can come to you, or you are always welcome to pop into our central London offices. Simply call 08450 571 234 or email to contact one of our solutions experts.


What is cloud technology?

In the past, computer systems used by companies were complicated and expensive, with countless pieces of hardware and software required to run them. It was even worse for multi-site operators – then that headache is multiplied across any number of sites. Cloud computing eliminates this because businesses no longer have to manage hardware or software – they can now ‘tap into’ a shared infrastructure like Fourth’s, getting information, in real time and whenever the user wants to access it. Upgrades are automatic, and scaling up or down is easy. Cloud-based systems like Fourth’s can be up and running in days or weeks, and they cost less. You just open a browser, log in and start using it.

Why should we use cloud technology?

Because enables businesses to take advantage of storage and virtual services through the Internet, saving money on infrastructure and support - in addition to all the savings a system like Fourth’s will make.

How does our data migrate to your systems?

Fourth is very experienced in the migration of current data for new customers, whatever the scenario

How do we prevent access by unauthorized staff?

All Fourth solutions are permission-based, which means that the customers’ management teams specify who can access what at any time.

Will it work with our existing POS and accounts systems?

Yes, Fourth’s solutions are compatible with most POS and accountancy software providers.

What hardware or third party software is needed for the Fourth solutions?

All that is needed is an internet browser

Do you sell hardware?

No – we focus only on developing and delivering cloud-based solutions for the hospitality sector

How can I influence development?

Fourth understands the importance of customer input when developing our solutions - after all, our solutions are there to make life easier for you. There are a number of ways your ideas can be brought to the attention of our product management team. For example, at any time you can speak to a member of our team and log your idea with them. Every idea is captured and logged and if it’s successful it will included in a development sprint.

Is my information safe with Fourth? Where is the information held?

All our customers’ information is held in secure servers, underpinned by world-class back up procedures

How long is my data retained on your portals?

Between 2-7 years depending on which Fourth solutions our customers use

Solutions Implementation

What is the normal time frame for a system implementation?

This really depends on the complexity and size of your business and the number of Fourth modules that you have decided to use. The speed is often dependant on your own resource and how much time you can dedicate to making the project run smoothly.

Who would you recommend is our Project Manager?

Fourth have a Project Management team drawn from within the hospitality industry so we hope to be able to make the process as simple for you as possible. We prefer though for you to be able to provide a point of contact who can manage the internal requirements to allow us to do our job. Ideally therefore, you will appoint someone with energy, who is known and respected within your business and who has sufficient authority to be able to make or secure decisions quickly. It is essential that they understand the intricacies and unique aspects of the part of the business that our system(s) is going to be operating in.

What does the project plan look like?

A typical project will begin with a detailed scoping stage to fully understand the business requirements and to design an appropriate solution. This is followed by the creation and configuration of your own portal(s) to meet those needs which is then fully tested by you against your requirements. On sign off of the portal(s), you will receive both administrator and user training before moving into a live environment. Each project is different and is tailored to the needs of the individual customer.