Each day and every transaction is unique. We understand that - and we built a platform designed specifically for the demands of hospitality, all accessed with a single login.

Purchase-to-Pay & Inventory Solutions

  • Recipe & Menu Engineering

    Focus on every budget line, while unleashing creativity in the kitchen. Get the best from your chefs and cut out every penny of unnecessary expenditure.

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  • Nutrition & Menu Publishing

    Easily calculate nutritional and allergen information for all of your recipes, and publish menu information to websites, apps, digital signage and much more at the touch of a button.

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  • Purchasing

    Automate your entire procurement process and gain full compliance. Streamline ordering with mobile apps to get the stock you need where and when it's needed and at the agreed price.

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  • Invoice Processing

    Reduce the cost of invoice processing with automated 3-way matching of inbound invoices, electronic purchase orders and goods received notes. Eliminate paper, including goods receiving on mobile devices at the delivery door.

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  • Inventory

    Easily collate the information you need for perfect stock control by completing counts electronically on and offline. Integrate purchase-to-pay, recipe engineering and POS data and make better decisions.

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Workforce Management Solutions

  • Applicant Tracking

    Hire the best quickly and easily with flexible, fully-digital and branded processes so you can recruit in the way you want and give the best applicant experience. Approval workflows ensure compliance, without adding delays and admin.

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  • HR & Onboarding

    Handle all of your HR information in one place in the cloud, give managers the tools they need to support their teams and ensure compliance with legislation, and provide self-service options to your employees.

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  • Workforce Planning

    Make even smarter workforce decisions - and see your profits rise, your speed of service improve and your customer satisfaction increase. Streamline shift management between employees and managers on mobile devices.

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  • Payroll & Benefits

    Our payroll system is specifically built to support shift workers, variable hours, temporary staff, zero hours, CSP policies, additional payments, sign off processes and more. And a fully automated, completely compliant pension process. Or outsource the entire process to us.

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  • Employee Engagement

    Improve communication across your entire organisation. Give employees a simple way to access essential information instantly via their mobile device.

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Data & Analytics Solutions

Gain the insight you need without the usual cost and complexity. With Fourth Analytics, you get graphical business intelligence and trends based on all your data, highlighting the key performance indicators specific to your business.

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Real Customers with Real Results

Fourth gives me two things: economically sound information for decision making around menu development and pricing, and consolidated results for my operation as often as I want them at the touch of a button. It provides information we never had before and I can see at a glance which are problem products and where the wastage is - at company level, at regional level and by brand. I absolutely love it.

John Bradshaw Head of Commercial

We employ over 800 people across 8 Hilton hotels. Fourth T&A ensures that they are paid accurately for the time actually worked. On-demand, indisputable attendance information not only saves our managers hours compared to our previous manual system, but also ensures we are fully compliant with our responsibilities around working time directives, health and safety and fire reports. Our managers don’t need to be there 24/7 to get a true picture of any lateness or inconsistencies.

Dan Merchant Human Resources Director