Analytics Overview

A single version of the truth, delivering actionable insight from vast amounts of data.

Financial decisions depend on sales information and core HR data. Marketing decisions rely on financial data and supply chain information. You have data coming at you from all sides, with internal and external sources shooting information your way fast and furious.

Meet Your Challenges

  • Save time with all HR, scheduling, payroll, purchasing, stock and POS data in one place, plus third party data including social media sentiment, customer reviews and mystery diner.
  • Eliminate hours of work and remove human errors with automatic creation of reports and dashboards.
  • Make better decisions and increase profits with smart data filters that enable drilling into detail.
  • Get the industry's most accurate forecast, factoring in not just sales data from the last few weeks but year-on-year trends, notable days, local events and weather.

Fourth Analytics' smart Flash P&L combines data from multiple areas to accurately automate this key business report and many others, saving hours of time.

Key Benefits

  • Act quickly by getting key information to the operation automatically and regularly. No more weekly Excel-reporting.
  • Draw meaningful conclusions more easily with the ability to see data graphically.
  • Get a much better understanding of costs, sales and profits with more data to interrogate in a single place.
  • Benchmark business performance and cross-reference prices paid for different categories of products through integration with CGA Prestige Foodservice Price Index and the Coffer Peach Business Tracker.



The Problem
An accurate forecast is essential to the smooth running of any hospitality business. Without knowing what you’re likely to sell, you can’t predict the workforce and products you need. But formulating an accurate forecast means looking at a number of different data sets, not just the trends from the last few weeks.

Our Solution
The advanced algorithms and forecasting in Fourth Analytics don’t just look at the last few weeks of sales, but also take into account weather forecasts, year-on-year trends, the same day last year, notable days, and national and local events to build the most accurate automated forecast in the industry. Local managers can then overlay their own knowledge to perfect the forecast so you’ll know exactly who you need where and when, and what inventory you’ll need. And not just to satisfy demand, but also to take advantage of new sales opportunities.


The Problem
Analytics data used to be heavy and clunky, could only be interpreted by accountants, and finding correlations between different data sets would take hours if not days. Very often, the data remained just there - with possible actions based on this intelligence never making it past the accountants' door.

Our Solution
Interactive graphs and charts on Fourth's management analytics dashboards are accessible on any device across the estate. Now the right people have access to the right information so they can act on it. And immediate action can make an immediate difference.

The Fourth Analytics Flash P&L – accurate, timely and at the click of a mouse. Saves one person two days a week.
1. Filter your data any way you want.
2. The power to interpret masses of data in a heartbeat.
3. Measure your actual vs. your theoretical GP
1. See your sales mix by revenue and by quantity
2. variances in products mix over time

POS Integration

The Problem
Historically there has been a disconnect between easy to use business intelligence systems and POS. The intelligence of both sets of data remained buried within each data set.

Our Solution
Fourth Analytics' full integration with POS data shows you what is happening every minute on the floor. Every keystroke is reflected in your sales data including every void, every upsell, every profitable and unprofitable timeslot and every discount. Smart charts put it all together to show you how each team member is doing. Spot your stars - and discover who and what needs attention.

Industry Benchmarking

The Problem
Understanding exactly how your organisation is performing is essential, but it’s also important to know how that performance compares to the rest of the market – especially amongst the challenging headwinds currently facing the hospitality industry. 

Our Solution
In partnership with CGA and Prestige Purchasing, data from the CGA Prestige Foodservice Price Index and the Coffer Peach Business Tracker has been integrated into Fourth Analytics, enabling you to see how your business is performing against the market across a number of variables.

It also allows you to cross-reference the prices paid for different categories of products. This means you can see if you’ve been purchasing, for example, meat in line with the market price over the past 12 months. If not, you can determine how much money could have been saved, and how this has affected the bottom line. More importantly, by tracking performance against the industry, you can take action when required.

Editor Permissions

The Problem
Creating dashboards that are just right for your unique business needs can take a lot of time. Most hospitality businesses do not have enough experienced analysts to create these insightful tools.

Our Solution
Fourth's ready-made dashboards can be easily configured to your business needs out of the box. But if you have experienced analysts and want to create your own custom reporting, Fourth Analytics has the tools to allow exactly that.

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