Digital Transformation

The revolution is underway.

Build an integrated technology framework.

Our work with hospitality operators goes way beyond new solutions and devices. We are helping our customers create a totally integrated technology framework to underpin their operations.

The right infrastructure.

Join the dots and deliver meaningful insight.

By building the right enterprise architecture, you can bring together data from internal and third-party sources into one central reporting hub. Which means you can automate key functions and gather reliable insights that lead to better strategic decisions.

  • Internal data such as POS, payroll and purchasing
  • Third-party data such as mystery diner, menu management, and training, presence data or industry benchmarking
  • Smoother processes and lower costs

Follow the data.

Uncover the truth behind the numbers.

In a digitally empowered business you can easily see how an investment in customer service training (administered by third-party training software) has affected upsell performance (recorded by in-house POS and accounting software), by individual site, area and overall, by showing both sets of data in context with each other. Without a robust hospitality operations platform, this is a laborious, unreliable manual process.

  • Exploit specific solutions from specialist suppliers
  • Make sure technologies are compatible
  • Remove silos to see the big picture

Opportunity, not cost.

Change the way you look at technology.

It’s time to stop seeing IT as a cost and start treating it as the route to an exciting future. The world is becoming more complex and people increasingly run their lives on big data, phone apps and technology platforms that communicate freely with each other. We can’t expect staff to depend on centralised head office systems, desktop computers and disconnected, disparate systems. Mobile devices with easy access to information and processes are the key to effective operations.

  • Design the business plan and IT architecture together
  • Enable continuous innovation
  • Give staff and customers the enhanced experience they expect

Where to start?

Bring technical and commercial experts together.

To make a real difference to your operations, your IT department must understand the business strategy. They need to sit with operations and finance colleagues and spend time mapping initiatives and investments against commercial goals. Because they are the people who best understand the proliferation of new technologies, they must become internal consultants, with their eyes on commercial objectives, not purely technical ones.

  • Get the right specialist suppliers
  • Form a stable backbone for the business
  • Address issues such as single sign on (SSO), user identification and authentication, and BYOD (bring your own device)

“Keep it simple. Get the foundations right first. Once you have a solid technical platform you can try new things.”

Christian Bethelsman, CTO, Fourth

“20 years ago, the single-vendor model worked. Today it’s neither possible nor desirable.”

Frank Bandura, former CFO of Gaucho and Carluccio’s

“We need technology providers who want to be part of collaborative partnerships.”

Oliver Boardman, Head of Digital & IT Operations, Fuller's

How Fourth can help.

At Fourth, we’ve been helping hospitality businesses transform their operations for 20 years. With the Fourth platform we provide a complete back-office solution that sits between your POS and your finance system to give a stable backbone for your operations. And with an open architecture and robust integrations, we connect to your other core systems to provide Single Sign-On across all the applications your employees need. And a rich suite of analytics so you can fully understand your business and make better decisions more quickly.

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